01.29.17 - Tesla Model S

How do you feel about the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and Golden State Warriors? These are all teams that have, in our history, been successful despite having a large number of people that would rather see them fail. The Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan were the same way as have been many other teams. There’s something about continued success that breeds a level of contempt in the world that we seem to relish and thrive on. Much can be said about some automakers in the industry as well.

Right now, the company that many of us love to hate is Tesla. Whether we despise the way they sell their cars and feel they should have a dealer network the same as every other automaker or we just don’t like an automaker that’s so bold as to create all vehicles without a gasoline engine we simply love and hate this company. Those who own a Tesla Model S or Model X tend to love their vehicle and enjoy what it offers them as a high class luxury drive that’s loaded with tech, but many of us tend to think of Tesla and their CEO, Elon Musk, as being to brash and bold for our tastes.

Regardless of how you feel about Tesla the fact they have developed the Model S to continue to reach insane speeds because of the way it’s built is impressive to say the least. The Model S has been considered one of the fastest cars on the market today and it’s actually a sedan. The speed for this car comes from the instant power and torque found from the electric powertrain that makes it possible for this car to shoot off like a rocket right from the start.

Currently, the Model S has been upgraded to the P100D model which brings us a 1000 kWh battery pack, the largest seen on this vehicle thus far and now can be enjoyed with what’s known as the Ludicrous + mode in the car. This mode ensures you really do want to go fast and enjoy what the car has to offer when it comes to you in the Model S. We’ve seen tons of videos pop up to show us just how fast this car can be from owners around the world. The P100D improves the acceleration to bring us a time to reach sixty mph of less than 2.4 seconds in its current state.

As a team brought out a few of these models to see just how fast this car would be the results are absolutely amazing. Keep in mind the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous + mode is a stock production sedan. This is a car that was originally meant to be driven by families and enjoyed as part of the luxury lineup, not be put up against some the most powerful racing machines to see how it would perform in the quarter mile.

Even so, the Tesla Model S was put to the test in this video and performed amazingly. This car showed off with a quarter mile performance that resulted in a run of 10.72 seconds at 120.27 mph. That’s officially the fastest quarter mile ever by a stock production four-door sedan and it beat out the same model vehicle without the Ludicrous + mode by 0.04 seconds. This also beat the Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX to name just a couple of competitors. Love it or hate it, the Tesla P100D with Ludicrous + mode is a seriously fast car and one that you can have a lot of fun driving on the road or on the track.

Written by CQ Livingston

When it comes to cars, I believe that they are meant to be driven. They shouldn't be parked in a museum regardless of how expensive they are. If they can go, they should go!

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