A Better Midsize Sedan for You to Drive

When you choose a midsize sedan for the driving experience you want to have, you expect this car to be one that can offer you the benefits of being active and energetic on the road while also giving you the fuel efficiency and interior comfort you need. This is a car that should be able to carry your family or friends with you and be right for you to load up a suitcase to head out for a short vacation to your favorite destination. This is a car that’s expected to do and be everything you need.Over the past few years, the midsize sedan segment has become even more competitive than ever with the upgraded styling and qualities that are offered on nearly every model. One midsize sedan that’s upgraded in its looks and its performance to be more for you is the Hyundai Sonata. This car came to the Chicago Auto Show as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid model to offer us what we may want when its time to head out on the road for the drive to be what we want to enjoy every day.

The Upgrades to the Sonata

These two fuel-sipping models of the Sonata show up with extensive updates to the interior and exterior. These include new front and rear fascias, a new front grill, hood fenders, rear decklid, headlights, and taillights. There are also new wheels with 16-inch and 17-inch models offered in eco-spoke designs. You’ll also notice new LED headlights that feature the cornering Dynamic Bending Light (DBL) function to give you a look at the area you’re getting ready to encounter when you’re driving. These improvements make the Hyundai Sonata even more attractive than what it’s been in the past. The cabin of the new hybrid models of the Sonata shows up with a new instrument panel center stack, steering wheel, and heating offered for the steering wheel. The navigation system has been upgraded with the Bird’s Eye View map perspective and Qi wireless phone charging is found in models that have the navigation system included in them. These hybrid models now have rear cross traffic alerts, lane changing assist, automatic emergency braking, and lane keep assist which make it possible for you to have a car that works hard to keep you safe and make sure you can have the driving experience you want on the road. Looking at the hybrid model you’ll see 39 city/45 hwy mpg while the plug-in model will give you up to 27 miles of EV driving to give you a range you can enjoy before it touches the gasoline in the tank. The EV battery of the plug-in model will recharge in less than three hours using a level-two charger to make sure you can enjoy this function at the beginning and later in the day if you have a charging station where you work that you can hook up to. These new Sonata models offer you improved looks, and more efficiency to give you the driving experience you want.


Written by Kerry Marasco

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