Land Rover Defender

As a vehicle that has prowled the streets, hills, and rocky patches of Europe for nearly seven decades the Land Rover Defender celebrates its swan song this year with a round of three versions which will be built with the same care and precision this vehicle has enjoyed for so many years. The Land Rover Defender has been for Land Rover what the Jeep Willys was for Jeep making it one of the most important vehicles ever offered on the market.

Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth II actually drove a Land Rover Defender, when she wasn’t being escorted around of course, and this amazing vehicle has a much storied history to tell. Originally built by Land Rover in 1948, shortly after World War II, the Defender started its life with a different name, Series 1. This vehicle was the ultimate go anywhere do anything vehicle giving owners the ability to traverse rocky or rough terrain and continue to run even after being submerged or run through a sandstorm. The original Defender was made to handle the toughest driving conditions Europe could throw at it and keep on coming back for more.

Land Rover has always been known for having vehicles which are tough and can take anything a driver can throw its way. Built with a robust construction, a simple but tough four wheel drive and engines that are made to run regardless of the conditions the Land Rover vehicles have always set the gold standard for what a true utility vehicle should be, keeping most of the sport out of the equation. To go along with this construction many of these vehicles have been built with additional safety and lifesaving equipment to make them some of the most used service vehicle by a variety of nations and emergency support entities across the globe.

For this final chapter to be allowed to close with a flair and offer the Defender a fitting exit from the automotive world for good Land Rover is offering this amazing vehicle in three different version to celebrate the longevity it has enjoyed and exceptional success of this amazing beast. These three versions will be the Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition (400 will be built), the Land Rover Defender Adventure Edition (600 will be built) and the very limited and luxurious Land Rover Defender Autobiography Edition (only 80 will be built).

As the absolute height of performance on rough terrain and built to withstand any punishment they can be put through the Defender from Land Rover has been the benchmark of off road performance and success since its inception in 1948. As a fitting tribute to the end of such an amazing vehicle the last round of Defenders will find their ways to the homes of only a few who have enjoyed what Land Rover has stood for since the very beginning. As Land Rover continues to offer many new and more modern looking vehicles to enjoy, which will continue to show off their unique ability to fill a vehicle with high performing and tough parts we can enjoy this last hurrah with a vehicle that brought the world the best in off road capability.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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