What is the Nanuk Quattro Concept Car?

Nanuk Quattro

Audi has shown up at car shows with a behemoth of a car that looks fun and funky as well as mean and aggressive. This car is the Nanuk Quattro concept car that is part rally car and part Audi sports car. With the best of both worlds under the hood of this beast the Nanuk features the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system along with a vast amount of capability found only in Audi supercars as part of the inspiration comes from the Audi R8.

On the outside the car is amazing to look at and makes muscle car and super car enthusiasts both swoon. With a muscular front fascia featuring a honeycomb grill and two low air intakes the Nanuk makes a scene right from the start. The curvature from the hood to the roof and back to the high and strong rear give the feeling of a car that is always leaning forward to take off fast and furious down the road. Of course Audi went a bit audacious at the shows by bathing the car in bright red paint rather than a more toned down silver or black, making the car pop and draw a vast amount of attention.

With wing style doors the Nanuk shows off a bold entrance to its lush and lavish interior that is built for comfort and speed. Instead of filling the control center with a ton of different gauges and a center information screen, Audi kept this control center in a more toned down and easier to understand look making it much less distracting to the driver who will need to focus on the road ahead when driving this massive monster down any road. These instruments that are included are able to be programmed to the driver’s liking ensuring the driver is receiving the information they desire when propelling at high speeds.

Of course, we can’t discuss a supercar without talking about the powertrain. This car is powered by a 5.0-liter diesel V10 engine with an awesome 544 horsepower and 738 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is center mounted to allow for better balance on the road when driving, giving a great control and performance for anyone behind the wheel. This set up sends the power to all four wheels equally through a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that helps this car to reach 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. The fuel mileage is surprisingly acceptable at an average of 30 mpg giving owners a supercar that lets them drive for a great distance.

Even though the reality is the Nanuk will not be produced and is only a concept car this beautifully crafted monster shows us that Audi is on the right track with what they are planning for their next super car. For those of us who love all cars and can be courted by both super cars and muscle cars this is a great blend and only gives hope it one day may find its way to the production line and be available for purchase. Until then we can enjoy it at car shows and be amazed by the various offerings Audi continues to produce to lead the industry.

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