The Best Automakers for 2016

04.15.16 - Audi Logo

04.15.16 - Audi Logo

Evaluating an automaker by using their entire lineup makes for a fair assessment of what that automaker is all about. Taking into consideration things like overall scores, road test scores and predicted reliability form an outside source can help to show what models you should trust over others on the market. Consumer Reports offers these lists every year to show us which automakers we should look to when purchasing a vehicle and which ones we should steer clear of or do more research on. With that in mind, here are your top ten for 2016, these are the automakers that ranked at the top of the market.

Honda – In the tenth spot Honda continues to show us it’s a brand you can trust when it comes to reliability and one that offers a lineup full of vehicles that you can enjoy driving. With an average predicted reliability and 88 percent of the models built being recommended this is one of the names we have trusted for many years. If it weren’t for a problematic transmission that makes its way to some vehicles Honda would have ranked much higher, which is where it normally finds itself on this list.

Kia – This is quite an achievement for a brand that at one time was considered the bargain basement of the automotive world. Kia has some great road test scores which show us this is a brand full of models we can all enjoy and 67 percent of the models are recommended for you to buy. With an average predicted reliability you get what you expect from Kia which has come to be a great brand and one of the leaders in the automotive world when it comes to style and driving and now has the stamp of approval by Consumer Reports.

Toyota – This is the brand you trust the most when it comes to reliability and if that was all this test was about Toyota would be in the top spot. Because there are other factors the eighth spot is where Toyota ranks with 62 percent of the models recommended by the publication and a lower than expected overall road test score that keeps it out of the top rankings. Even though some models are better than others, the reliability factor still weighs in heavily, making Toyota one of the names you should be able to trust easily on the market especially since it has pioneered it’s way as a leader in best-selling hybrid technologies with the Prius.

Buick – Buick finds itself in the seventh position according to Consumer Reports. This automaker has 80 percent of its models recommended to the public and a respectable road test score as well. The predicted reliability is above average which makes this a name and a brand you can trust. With the new looks and the campaign to be a better and more dynamic brand it appears Buick is on the right track and gives you several models you can choose from in order to find the Buick you will love to drive on a daily basis, knowing you made a smart choice.  From the spacious and utility-driven Enclave crossover to climbing into the topless lap of luxury with the new Cascada, Buick has everything you’d ever want in any vehicle style.

Mazda – This is not a name that normally comes up when it comes to reliability but Toyota must have rubbed off on it with some of their recent partnerships. The predicted reliability score was better than average but it did see a lower road test score than you might expect from the brand that brought “zoom zoom” to life. Of course if you can claim that 100 percent of your vehicles are recommended for purchase by Consumer Reports you can put a massive feather in your cap, which you will see Mazda can do with the publication recommending every vehicle in the Mazda Lineup.

BMW – Not it seems we head into the luxury platforms for high performers and BMW makes its way to fifth on the list which is a respectable position. The predicted reliability for BMW comes in as average and only half the models are recommended, but the road test scores are what brought BMW to this position. Of course it also helps that BMW loves to have so many models in their lineup with what seems to be ten variations of every single BMW model to offer every consumer exactly what they are looking for form this amazing brand.

Porsche – In the fourth position is Porsche with a good but lower road test score than expected, an average predicted reliability and more than sixty percent of its models being recommended by Consumer Reports. Even though Porsche is known for exciting sports cars like 911, these are not always the right vehicle for the job, which makes it difficult to feel like the road test scores should have been higher, especially if the test was done during rush hour traffic in a Porsche model with a manual transmission. Even so, Porsche came in at a good spot and earns some respect for being the exceptional brand it always has been.

Lexus – The luxury arm of Toyota makes its way to third on the list with good road test scores and the best rating in the predicted reliability category. With 88 percent of the Lexus models being recommended by Consumer Reports for driving Lexus is a name you want to buy and drive. Now that the styling of the spindle grill has finally become accepted this brand has been at or near the top of almost every positive list you can think of, showing us just what Toyota excellence is all about.

Subaru – Even though you thought all we would have in the top five would be luxury names, Subaru somehow snuck into the second spot to be a fitting runner up. This is a brand that has every single model being recommended by Consumer Reports and offers a better than average predicted reliability. The road test score was excellent as it came in near the Porsche road test scores. There certainly must be something to be said for offering Standard AWD on every Subaru model in the lineup as even the off road vehicles for this brand earned favor with the publication.

Audi – The clear favorite from Consumer Reports was Audi. While the scores added up to the best the interior of Audi vehicle has to have a lot to be said, especially when it comes to on the road testing which was only one point below Porsche. Every single vehicle from Audi has been recommended and the better than average predicted reliability make this an easy car brand to love. Are you looking for a great new car, buy one from Audi and see what I’m talking about with regards to the amazing interior of the vehicle, which is where you spend all of your time when driving.

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