It’s time for Spring Cleaning

06.02.16 - Car Wash

06.02.16 - Car Wash

In most of the country there is always some type of foul weather during the winter months. When you live in the northern states this can be true every year when salt and snow buildup can get on your car and do some damage. While it’s a good idea to at least run your vehicle through the car wash on a regular basis and have the salt removed, when the winter months have finally passed you certainly want to take care of the exterior of your vehicle to help keep it looking its best and protect it from possible buildup.

With that in mind, here are some products you should use to help you spring clean your vehicle:

Salt Emulsifier – Even though you have gone through the car wash a few times over the months of winter you need to have a deeper clean for your car when the threat of snow is finally over for good for the year. Using a salt emulsifier will help remove the salt from your paint, where it can leave damaging spots and create rust if not addressed, and give you a car that looks like new again. On the inside of your car you need to use this product as well, especially if you didn’t change to rubber mats for the winter, it will help remove the salt stains from your carpeting.

Microfiber Cloths – Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a large bag of these cloths. This is the best way to protect your paint and avoid the swirl marks and minor scratches that can happen over time. these cloths are specially made to pick up and remove the dirt and grime on your vehicle when you dry it with them. You will need several of them because you need to change cloths as they become dirty and full of minute particles that can scratch up your finish. You will be glad you used microfiber cloths instead of a terry cloth towel or any other item to dry your vehicle with.

Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant – Using a good glass cleaner can give you the clean and clear view you want out your windows, but a rain repellant used after a glass cleaner is that much better. You want to be able to see when it rains and the spring months are known to be some of the wettest of the year (hence the old phrase “April showers bring May flowers”) and you must make sure your visibility won’t be impeded at all.

Wipers – While windshield wipers are not a cleaning product this is the time to replace them. These are fairly inexpensive but important items for your driving and when they have been through a harsh winter of wiping off snow and ice from your windshield it’s time to have new blades to help you see better when driving in the rain. With the right blades, and a new set installed each spring you won’t have a surprise crack or see damage to them that can cause you to need to replace more than these blades in the future.

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