Mazda Has Been Around for a Long Time

Mazda Mazda6

Mazda Mazda6

The Mazda brand is recognizable worldwide, but it’s definitely not anything new. Mazda has been at it for a while now.
Many times when we think of the brands that have been part of the automotive market for a long time we think of domestic brands that we’re familiar with such as Ford, Chrysler, and GM. The Japanese automotive industry has a long history in the marketplace as well and one of the names that’s been around for a long time is Mazda. Recently, the brand reached a production milestone that signifies its success in the industry and the fact that it’s been part of driving and mobility since before World War II.

The first production Mazda vehicle was offered on the market 86 years and seven months ago as a three-wheeled truck that came off the assembly line in October 1931. Being in business for this long is certainly an achievement, but that’s not what Mazda is celebrating today. The celebration has to do with the fact that Mazda has now produced a cumulative production number in Japan of 50-million models. That’s a lot of cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles that have been built to either drive around the island nation of Japan or be exported to other countries to be enjoyed on the road.

Celebrating a Significant Mazda Milestone

In order to celebrate the fact that 50-million vehicles have been produced by Mazda, the company held a commemorative ceremony at the Hofu Plant in Yamaguchi. The celebration included several of the plant personnel and marked a significant milestone in the history of the company. After beginning with the three-wheeled truck and having some success with vehicles for the commercial sector, Mazda entered the passenger car market in 1960 with the R360 Coupe micro-mini which was made to handle the challenge of the narrow streets in some of the larger cities in Japan.
Vehicle production didn’t begin in the Hofu Plant until 1982 but since that time the domestic production for the brand was shared between the Hofu and Hiroshima plants to aid with the impressive growth and popularity of the brand since that time. Mazda has expanded around the globe but continues to be a strong performer at home where these two plants produce a large percentage of the Mazda vehicles sold every year. As a brand that has improved, updated, and been able to reach the 50-million vehicle milestone, it’s amazing to imagine this brand as being the one you might choose when you’re looking for an excellent vehicle to drive.
This next fiscal year, Mazda plans to sell 1,660,000 vehicles and is ready to establish a global production layout that will produce two-million vehicles every year by the end of March 2024. The future for Mazda is bright with its unique and admirable engine technology, vehicles that are fun to drive, and impressive fuel mileage offered in nearly every model they put on the road. Another celebration surely won’t have to wait 86 years to be able to pop the cork and honor the 100-million vehicles sold mark that awaits in the future.

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