Branding Formula E Racing Importance

Branding Formula E Racing Importance

Branding Formula E Racing ImportanceThere’s no point to racing unless there will be some translation of the engineering that makes its way from the track to be offered in the road cars that we love to drive and enjoy as well. This has been the case for many years and in some cases, automakers have created cars in order to qualify to be included in some of the series that are offered for the racing at the track. With the goal of bringing the engineering from the track to the road, the Formula E series is the most recent racing series to help make more EV models a reality.

This past season marked an incredible time in the world of Formula E racing with the inclusion of the Audi team which made their debut into this racing series at the race in Hong Kong. While Audi isn’t the first automaker to enter this racing series, this race marked a time that showed that at least three different automakers are now part of this series with Renault being the first and the initial to be actively included and the Jaguar team being the next to come in and be part of the Formula E racing series.

Marking the Transition

Audi didn’t simply put together their own team and begin from scratch when it came to the entry into Formula E racing. Instead, they adopted the ABT Shaeffler team and gave them the full backing of the Audi Sport engineering and expertise for the racing desired. This came with the funding desired and certainly made the experience in the racing much easier for this team that had been a private effort to one that now has a highly regarded sponsorship in the program to make sure the team would be able to have the racing experience that would hopefully lead to some championships.

What made the Audi team make this change? The change is that the Audi racing experience has taken its efforts away from the R18 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four times. Putting the efforts and research into the Formula E racing series makes this team one that is capable of leading the way and learning everything they can from the racing that can be done on the tracks in these electric-powered vehicles. With EV models being the future of the automotive world, it seems that learning more about EV driving makes the most sense.

Even though Audi has won the Le Mans race more than any other manufacturer, making thirteen of them, the move toward Formula E makes the most sense for the drive. Once this team has perfected the racing and the experience on the track, the engineering will be shared with some of the road models that we see at the dealerships around the world. You can expect to have some exciting EV models come from Audi in the future along with some wins at the Formula E tracks because this is a brand that expects to win and will do what’s needed to make sure their team comes in at the head of the pack.

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