The Midsize Ford Truck You’ll find at the Dealer

The Midsize Ford Truck You’ll find at the Dealer

For eight years we couldn’t buy a new Ford Ranger in the US, but when the 2019 model year began, this name came back to our market to give us a truck that we still want to drive and enjoy every day. This truck has the right size and gives you an excellent feeling on the road. Check out the features and options of this Ford truck at the dealer in your area where you’ll find the quality drive you want to experience every day. This truck is one that you can drive and enjoy on a daily basis.

Plenty of Power for You in this Ford

When you’ve been looking forward to the return of the Ford Ranger, you were wondering what this truck would be. Visit your nearby Ford dealer and take a look at what this truck brings for the drive you’re looking for. This truck has a powerful engine and a tow rating of up to 7,500 pounds which is a leader in the class. Enjoy the standard automatic braking and several options that will help you stay safe and keep the power of the Ranger under control.

The All-New Model at the Ford Dealer

No, it’s not a shrunken F-150, the Ford Ranger really is back. This truck is all-new for the 2019 model year to make sure you can have everything you’re looking for. The power you’ll find is 270 horsepower which comes from a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s attached to a ten-speed automatic transmission. You can choose a two-door SuperCab model or a four-door SuperCrew to give you the roominess you want when you take a few passengers with you out on the roads in the Ford Ranger. Choose the right Ranger for you at your nearby Ford dealer today.

The Ford Ranger Offers Smarter Towing

When you take the Ford Ranger home with you from the nearby Ford dealer, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the tow-optimized blind-spot monitoring. This system allows you to see more than just the blind spot of the truck, but the blind zone of the trailer that you’re taking with you on the roads. Get behind the wheel and let this become the truck you choose to use for the truck things you need to get done. This system allows you to set up to three trailer profiles.

Beautiful Sounds from the Ford Ranger

When you want to hear the sounds that you love coming from the audio system, you’ll be glad to have an upgraded system in the Ford Ranger. You can choose a Bang & Olufsen audio system which will give you the crisp and clean qualities you’ll enjoy when you get behind the wheel for a drive. Take a test drive in the Ford Ranger that you see at your nearby Ford dealer in order to have the great drive you’re looking for. The music you love can fill the cabin with the sounds that you want to hear when you drive.

Three Trims of Excellence at Ford

For now, the Ford Ranger is offered in three trims which are XL, XLT, and Lariat. This truck is offered with automatic headlights, a long list of excellent safety features, the Sync3 infotainment system, the CoPilot360 system, a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, and much more. This truck is built to be the right choice for you to have the connectivity and the power you need when you’re ready to head out on the roads for a drive. Visit your nearby Ford dealer to take a look at what the Ranger has to offer.

Drive the Ranger Today

The Ford Ranger has made a triumphant return to the market to make it possible for you to have the excellent ride you’re looking for when you take it on the roads and trails in your area. Get behind the wheel and take this truck for a test drive at your nearby Ford dealer. You’ll be glad to have this truck when you want to drive and know how easily it makes sense for you. Put the Ranger to work, let it offer you the fun you want, and get out on the roads to show off the new Ranger that will quickly become an extremely popular choice.

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