Updates to the Toyota Supra are Coming

Updates to the Toyota Supra are Coming

Even though the Toyota Supra is relatively new to the market, at least it is after the hiatus that we experienced, this car is about to receive a substantial update for the 2021 model year.

Right now, you can have the Toyota Supra with a strong six-cylinder engine that gives you plenty of power, there are some who would love to drive the Supra but don’t want to have the power level it offers right now. To appease this crowd, Toyota has created a model that will bridge the gap for you.

The Toyota Gap

When you see the sports cars offered by the Toyota brand, you’ll see the small Toyota 86 which is a pared-back model that has a small size while giving you tons of fun. The Toyota Supra packs the six-cylinder engine to give you amazing power and performance.

Rather than add more power to the 86, Toyota is giving you a four-cylinder version of the Toyota Supra to give you the right power level to make sure you can have the power you want and the drive you’re looking for when you take a ride and enjoy the feeling you want on the road.

What Will You Get in this Toyota Supra?

If you choose the four-cylinder version of the Toyota Supra, you’re going to receive a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that gives you 255 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque.

The power is sent to the rear wheels through the same eight-speed automatic transmission that we see in the six-cylinder model of this car. You’ll have the benefits of a lighter version of the Supra which can still be a lot of fun to drive while giving you better fuel mileage when you take this car out for a drive.

More Changes from Toyota

With the smaller powertrain of the four-cylinder Toyota Supra, you’ll also have smaller brakes, single-piston calipers, a fixed suspension, and only four speakers for the sound system. The weight savings are dramatic and this new version of the Supra is affordable to give you a sports car with the name you love that you can drive and enjoy every day.

This version of the Supra can rocket to sixty mph in only five seconds, giving you a fast ride that will be fun for you when you take it out for a drive on the roads and the tracks in your area.

Make the Right Choice in the Toyota Supra

If you want to drive the Toyota Supra and you’re looking for one that isn’t as dramatic as the six-cylinder model, you’ll love the new 2.0 model of the Supra.

This version will be ready to give you a great drive when you see the 2021 model year and you choose the sports car that can be right for you. Get ready for this version of the Supra to arrive this summer and see if it will be the sports car that has the daily driving dynamics that you want to experience.

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