Nissan Takes the Opportunity for Community Improvement

Nissan Take the Opportunity for Community Improvement

When you see the Nissan lineup at any dealership in the country, the showroom is likely to have a GT-R model sitting and waiting inside.

This is a car that we love and it represents the chance and opportunity for those who want to drive an exciting and fun sports car on the road. This is also a car that makes the Nissan team feel they need to make sure those who need a hand up can have that opportunity to gain the assistance they need.

Nissan Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Whether it’s a home for a family on the rise that’s found a need for a place to live or for refugees from other countries that need to have a place that feels safer and offers the freedom they’ve never had, the Habitat for Humanity message is clear. Volunteers spend countless hours every year building homes for others and growing neighborhoods to help families that are in need be able to enjoy the experience of owning their own home, living in a peaceful community, and finding a way to grow and improve their lives.

Nissan has been a long-time partner with Habitat for Humanity. Many of the Nissan employees around the country donate their time and energy to providing homes for those in need of them. Last year, Nissan donated $1 million to the organization along with new Titan trucks and NV vans to make it easier for the teams to bring materials to the home sites to offer more homes to those who need them. This is certainly an admirable way for the Nissan brand to give back and show that we need to help those who are in need of our assistance.

A History of Volunteering

Nissan has encouraged its employees to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity since it started the partnership with the organization in 2005. Since that time, Nissan team members have participated in the building of many homes around the country and in Canada through this incredible organization. The volunteer efforts allow team members to feel great about what they do and have the ability to enjoy giving back to the community. Like the GT-R, this is an opportunity of hope and chance for those who will receive the homes that are built so they can begin to build a better life for themselves.

How is the Nissan GT-R a Car of Chance and Opportunity?

The Nissan GT-R is a car that’s costly to produce and isn’t built in large numbers. Nissan has been a volume producer of vehicles for many years and the balance sheets might tell you the GT-R should be halted, but the following and feeling of this car is too great to allow for it to be deleted from the lineup. For the past ten years, the GT-R has been riding on the platform that we see and it represents a standard of knowing the drive can be better; similar to seeing a new family receive the keys to their new home from the Habitat for Humanity team.

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