Donate a Car, Receive a Tax Deduction, and Much More

Donate Car Tax Deduction

Do you have an old car you no longer drive? Are you looking for the right place to donate a car and receive the greatest tax deduction?
Before you donate, you should know what’s going to happen to the car and the various factors that impact where you should make your donation. You should know what’s going to happen to your old car and what can increase the value of your tax certificate.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Donation?

There’s always a benefit to you when you donate a car, but some organizations offer you more than others. If you donate your old car to an organization that will only use it for the scrap value, you’re going to receive the lowest amount possible for your tax deduction. Instead of donating your car to an organization that will receive a minimal amount for it, make that donation to a place that will use your old car.

Is your Old Car Going to be Used for Transportation?

If your old car is going to be used by an organization as a form of transportation for their beneficiaries, you will receive more than if it’s being donated for scrap, but you might need to ensure the car is in good working order with new tires, brake pads, and fluids. This means you may have to spend some money just to donate your old car, this isn’t what you want to deal with at all.

Will the Title Work Be Easy When you Donate a Car?

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have experience with title work to transfer ownership of a vehicle from you to them. This means you’ll have to go through the expense and process of handing the title work on your own. Alone, the title work can be a determining factor between donating that will bring you a tax deduction and just taking the car to the junkyard.

Make Everything Easier at the Newgate School

If you want to get the most benefit when you donate a car, you need to see the staff at the Newgate School. This school is a special place and they can handle all the issues with making a car donation. You’ll receive a tax deduction certificate that brings you the most value when you take your car to the Newgate School. Here’s why they make it easier for you:

The Newgate School Trains Students in Automotive Repair and Technology

Students that attend the Newgate School are trained to be automotive technicians. There’s a good chance if you’ve taken your car to one of the repair or maintenance locations in the area, your car was serviced by a person trained at the Newgate School. Because they need cars to work on, they will give you the most for your vehicle, no matter the condition.

This School Fixes Your Old Car

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance level or condition of the consumable parts of your old car. When you donate a car to the Newgate School, they take all cars in all conditions to train their students. Your tax deduction certificate will be valued based on how your old car is used. Your car could be a training tool, it could be sold at auction, or it could be donated to a worthy cause to make a difference to a new owner.

Title Work is Easy at the Newgate School

Because the staff at the Newgate School needs old cars to fix up and use for students, they have been trained to be experts in processing the title for you. Ownership of your old vehicle will be transferred to the Newgate School by one of these experts. You won’t have to do anything special, simply bring your car and the title to this school and they will help you make the donation.

How Is Your Old Car Used

When you donate a car to the Newgate School you receive a tax deduction certificate to file with your taxes. Your old car is then used as a tool for students to fix and repair. If it’s made whole again, or didn’t need much work at all, it can be donated to the Wheels for Women program or sold at auction to benefit the school.
Donate a car to the Newgate School and allow this school to make a huge difference in the lives of others in the community. You get a donate car tax deduction and this school has a new tool to work with that could be the car used by a new owner.

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