The Ford F-150 is Going Electric

The Ford F-150 is Going Electric

There have been reports and images of other trucks being offered with electric powertrains, so why not the Ford F-150?

That was a question for a while but we’ve now seen images of the new Ford that will be the most powerful truck in the F-150 lineup and be an electric truck that can easily be the right truck for you in the future. We expect to see this EV truck by the middle of 2022.

New Looks Are Expected for the EV F-150

Because an electric vehicle doesn’t require a grille to bring air to the engine, the all-electric F-150 will offer us a new front-end to differentiate it from the other F-150 models. The biggest difference you’ll see is the LED lighting enhancements that cover the entire width of the truck across the top of the grille to be an interesting appearance feature.

The grille for the all-electric Ford F-150 is vastly different. This area is blocked off with a pattern that’s shaped differently from anything else we’ve seen in a Ford truck. Behind the grille and we will see a front-end trunk or “frunk” which is something we see in other EV models to give us a storage area in the front where we want to hold more items during our drive on the road.

We Still Have a Lot of Questions

So far, Ford has announced the new Ford F-150 EV will have more power from both a torque and horsepower standpoint than any other F-150 in the lineup. We also expect to see a truck that will be more affordable than some of the similar models offered. If this truck will be affordable and more powerful, it could easily be a truck that’s extremely useful to those who need it for work every day.

The New Ford F-150 EV isn’t a Show Pony

We see other electric trucks being talked about and discussed, but the new Ford F-150 EV is the only one of the trucks that appears to be a workhorse and not made just for show. If this is the case, the F-150 will be the first of the electric trucks to make the most sense when it arrives in the market.

Some Items Will Affect the Range

Even though we don’t have the details regarding the range of the new electric F-150, we know that some of the features that we find in other Ford truck models will impact the range of this truck. Among these are the 7.2-kW charge port, the towing and hauling capability, and the off-road features that could be part of this truck.

Even though we still have a lot of questions regarding the new Ford F-150 EV, this new electric truck is on the way and will be discussed at length before it arrives in the middle of 2022. Get ready to learn more as we begin to pave the path from seeing a teaser image of this truck to it become a reality and one that fits in perfectly in the Ford F-150 lineup.

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