Mazda Aims to Boost U.S. Sales, Appoints New CEO

Mazda Aims to Boost US Sales Appoints New CEO

You may start to notice changes and As Mazda seeks to boost U.S. sales, the automaker has plans to replace current president and CEO, Akira Marumoto, if shareholders approve his successor, Masahiro Moro. Marumoto has announced plans to step down from his position as leader in June. Marumoto took on the role of president and CEO in 2018 and plans to serve as a senior advisor when he retires his position.

Marumoto’s successor currently serves as the automaker’s director and senior managing executive officer. Bringing over four decades of experience, with his most recent experience leading Mazda sales in the North American market, the automaker has high hopes for what Moto will bring to the table as CEO

Who is Masahiro Moro

Moro’s history with Mazda has been a fruitful one as he helped the company develop itself as a worthy contender in the North American market. Moro’s innovation and determined leadership helped drive higher sales in one of the more critical markets of the automaker, largely through his efforts to reform the U.S. dealer network. During a time when Mazda joins the race in electrification, Moro will serve as the leader in helping make that transition, growing pains in an industry that is undoubtedly going electric.

While Moro’s time with Mazda has proved critical, he does not fit the typical mold of your average automaker CEO. Moro will become the first CEO in quite some time who does not have a background in production or engineering. However, moreover has proved his strengths through his operational management. Under his guidance, he helped fuel the popularity of models, including the CX-50 and the highly anticipated EV CX-90. Visit your local dealer to learn more about these great models and find a Mazda near me to experience the automaker’s latest innovation.

Mazda remains in the initial phase of its Mid-Term Management Plan. Under this phase, the company is continuing its focus on traditional, hybrid, plugins, and battery electric vehicles (BEV). Moro is set to lead this initial phase as he helps the company transition into phase 2 in 2025. Under phase 2, the company plans to introduce a new hybrid system alongside newly designed battery electric vehicles. The automaker’s final phase, set to begin in 2028, is the projected time frame in which the automaker will launch its full-scale lineup of electric vehicles. With these efforts, the automaker hopes to build a new scalable architecture so as to be a competitive automaker in the electric vehicle space.

In addition to helping oversee the company’s shift to electric, tomorrow is committed to driving down costs and making space for continued innovation. During a press conference, he shared that his short-term objectives in his new role as CEO would be “to successfully roll out large products, which will be a major growth driver for putting the company on a growth trajectory.” He added that his second objective would be “ to implement company-wide cost reduction activities, including all supply chains and value chains, in order to further improve management efficiency going forward, so as to make our overall business more robust.”

Despite its hopeful plans to go fully electric, the automaker still has plenty of work ahead. As one of many other automakers that have not made announcements about going fully electric by the end of the decade, Mazda will have to focus its efforts on building a carefully crafted fleet that can engage driver interest.

As the global market shifts electric, being last to join does have its drawbacks, but Mazda is committed to continued quality craftsmanship and customer service to help drive sales as it makes the transition into the electric space.

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