The Future of Off-Roading: Land Cruiser 250 Makes Its Grand Entrance

The Future of Off-Roading: Land Cruiser 250 Makes Its Grand Entrance

The largest Toyota Land Cruiser meeting in the world is the landing spot for the new Land Cruiser 250, offering an impressive welcome to this new version.

The Bush Taxi Meeting, held in Ohrdruf, Thuringia, Germany, is the largest Land Cruiser meeting in the world. For the welcome of the new 250 version, this meeting featured 2,000 visitors, which brings pure heritage to the location with various forms of this Toyota off-road brute from the first model to the newest version. Of course, the new model is the star of the show, giving Europeans a look at this new SUV.

The limited aspects of this new Toyota

The 2024 Land Cruiser First Edition is the star of the Bush Taxi Meeting for many reasons. The most important is that this model is limited to 3,000 versions in Europe, and it’s only for customers that reserve it during the pre-sales period that starts in October. This new special edition Land Cruiser features some cool items that will make many owners happy. These features include round LED headlights two-tone exterior paint that brings a Sand body and White roof together. Of course, those looking for an alternative can choose a Smoky Blue body instead of the Sand color.

This European-spec Land Cruiser is powered by a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 201 horsepower and uses an 8-speed automatic transmission. When the 2025 model arrives, the Land Cruiser will feature a 48-volt mild-hybrid system to aid the diesel engine. As expected, the diesel powertrain will not make its way to the United States.

History was on display in Germany

The Bush Taxi Meeting featured several examples of the Land Cruiser predecessors that were on display along with this new model. These models include the Series 150, 120, 90, and 70 models. Some of the older versions featured various off-road items, others were converted into campers, but many held true to their original build. The Land Cruisers weren’t the only vehicles on display, with other Toyota models being the Hilux, 4Runner, and FJ Cruiser models as well.

The event also featured several great activities, including films, lectures, Q&A sessions, tours, workshops, demonstrations, and campfires. Those in attendance got to see first-hand how the new Land Cruiser stands up to some of the challenges found out on the trails.

The Land Cruiser got more affordable

The Toyota Land Cruiser took some time away from the North American market, but it’s returning with a new range of models in the 250 series version. This new Land Cruiser is also one of the most affordable versions in many years. The starting price should be in the mid-$50,000 range, while the discontinued 2021 version started at $87,030. Toyota expects sales to increase compared to the older version, especially with off-road enthusiasts.

Using the right platform matters

Toyota has utilized the TNGA-F platform for many of the new models, including the Tundra, Sequoia, and Tacoma. It was the foundation for the 300-series Land Cruiser, which was sold in the US as the Lexus LX600. This platform makes it possible for the Land Cruiser to be built right and more affordable than ever before. This new model is shorter than the LX, but it’s just as wide as the old 200-series model.

The right power for a smaller Toyota SUV

The new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser being sold in North America is powered by a 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder hybrid iForce Max powertrain that’s under the new Tacoma. This powertrain utilizes an 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. Although the horsepower dips compared to the outgoing 5.7-liter V8, the torque is greater, which makes this new SUV a better off-roader. Although smaller, the new Land Cruiser can tow a respectable 6,000 pounds, making it easy to pull a medium-sized trailer to your favorite off-road location.

Forget the third row

The deleted Land Cruiser featured three rows of seats and was larger than the Toyota Sequoia in the lineup. This new model is smaller than the Sequoia and is strictly a five-passenger off-road SUV. This enables the new Land Cruiser to be more capable on the trails and more efficient, which is an impressive combination.

Europeans enjoyed the release of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 with the Bush Taxi Meeting, where several off-road Toyotas were featured. In America, we get the same Toyota SUV with a completely different powertrain. Could this new Land Cruiser be the hybrid off-road SUV that you want to drive and enjoy whenever it’s time for an adventure?

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