What is the Length of a Ram 3500

What is the Length of a Ram 3500

For those in the market for a powerful, heavy-duty truck, the Ram 3500 often emerges as a top contender. Known for its excellent towing capacity of up to 37,100 pounds and a payload capacity of up to 7,680 pounds, the Ram 3500 is not just another vehicle among trucks for sale; it’s a powerhouse designed for performance.

The Ram 3500 is one of the toughest trucks on the road. However, an important aspect to consider is its size. So, how expansive is the Ram 3500? Let’s look at this truck’s actual size and Length.

The Ram 3500’s Dimensions

The Ram 3500’s Length varies based on your chosen cab and bed size. The truck comes in three cab styles: the Regular Cab, the Crew Cab, and the more spacious Mega Cab. Additionally, there are two bed sizes: the standard six-foot-four-inch bed and the extended eight-foot bed. This variety in cab and bed combinations results in differing overall lengths, providing flexibility for different uses and preferences.

Here are the approximate lengths for each configuration of the Ram 3500:

  • Regular Cab with 8-foot bed: 232 inches
  • Crew Cab with 6-foot-4-inch bed: 238 inches
  • Crew Cab with 8-foot bed: 260 inches
  • Mega Cab with 6-foot-4-inch bed: 250 inches

Impact on Ram 3500’s Maneuverability

The dimensions of the Ram 3500 influence its maneuverability, particularly its turning radius and the space required for parking. A longer vehicle naturally requires more room to turn and park. Understanding these spatial needs is crucial, especially for those who frequently navigate through urban areas or tight spaces.

Here’s a breakdown of the turning radii and parking space requirements for each Ram 3500 variant:

  • Regular Cab with 8-foot bed: 45 feet turning radius, 19 feet parking space
  • Crew Cab with 6-foot-4-inch bed: 47 feet turning radius, 20 feet parking space
  • Crew Cab with 8-foot bed: 53 feet turning radius, 22 feet parking space
  • Mega Cab with 6-foot-4-inch bed: 51 feet turning radius, 21 feet parking space

Ram 3500 Trucks for Sale: Performance Uncompromised

Despite its varying lengths, the Ram 3500’s performance and feature set remain unaffected. The truck offers three engine options, including the robust 6.7-liter high-output Cummins Turbo Diesel, which has an impressive towing capacity of up to 37,100 pounds.

Wrapping Up the Ram 3500’s Dimensions

The Length of a Ram 3500, dictated by the chosen cab and bed size, plays a crucial role in its turning radius and parking space requirements. However, it does not impinge on the truck’s powerful performance or its range of features. As one of the most capable trucks for sale today, the Ram 3500 stands out for its ability to tackle demanding jobs with ease. For those considering this muscular truck, stop by your nearest Ram dealer for more detailed information and a closer look at what the Ram 3500 has to offer.



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