Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Is Coming But Not to the US

Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Is Coming But Not to the US

The Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer takes all the benefits of an electric car and gives it more space and luxury features for an excellent drive.

While this version of the ID.7 will only be released in Europe, don’t worry; we have our own ID.7 coming to Volkswagen dealers here. The four-door sedan will follow in the tracks of the ID.4 SUV and the ID. Buzz.

What is the ID. 7?

The Volkswagen ID.7 is a sleek sedan powered completely by electricity. The first model to hit Volkswagen dealers will feature a single motor and rear-wheel drive setup with a choice of batteries. It uses a new motor developed by Volkswagen that can generate 282 horsepower and get 401 pound-feet of torque, which is a significant bump in horsepower from the ID. 4.

This new sedan was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. We’re talking a drag coefficient of about .23 to make it more efficient on long trips. It will feature an electrochromic dimming panoramic sunroof so passengers can sit back and enjoy a view of the sky.

The ID.7 Tourer Offers Some Extra Space

The Tourer version of the ID.7 is an estate car. As of right now, it will only be released in the European market, offering families some extra seating space and cargo room because of Its longer roofline and increased height at the back. This ID.7 will have Volkswagen’s latest generation electric powertrain with two different battery options. The larger battery will provide impressive recharging capabilities. Plug it in at a fast-charging station, and it can go from 10 to 80 percent in under 30 minutes.

Let’s Get Back to the US Version

When you get to take a seat in the new ID.7, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the huge, floating touchscreen. It stretches for 15 inches, bringing you all your infotainment. More details about all the technology available in the ID.7 are still to come, but an augmented-reality head-up display will be a standard feature in all of the trim levels. Some of the other features you can expect to see include an optional Harman Kardon stereo system, wireless charging, and several USB ports.

More Comfort and Luxury Inside

Expect the ID.7’s cabin to come filled with all kinds of comfort and convenience features. How does a climate control system with smart air vents sound? These will start heating the cabin or cooling it down as you approach the vehicle. New premium seats have sensors that can detect when you might need more heat or to cool down, and if you bump up to the available ergoActive seats, there are extra air pockets to provide pressure-point massage. It’s so comfortable in there, you just might not ever want to get out.

The all-new ID.7 has not arrived at Volkswagen dealers yet, but it won’t be long. More details about the features and equipment will be available soon.

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