New Buick Enclave Shows Reinvented Design

New Buick Enclave Shows Reinvented Design

The Buick Enclave is the brand’s flagship SUV and it’s been newly updated for the 2025 model year, showcasing GM’s reinvention of one of the oldest brands.

The updates to the Enclave include new tech and new styling for the inside and outside of the SUV. Meanwhile, GM expects to debut a new EV model as soon as this year for Buick.

New Design Direction For the Buick Enclave

Buick has been in the process of refreshing its four-vehicle lineup and the Enclave is the last on the list. In 2022, Buick showed the Wildcat concept vehicle with distinctly aggressive styling. The concept prepared everyone for the brand’s new design direction. The Enclave is getting the Wildcat treatment as the last of the current lineup, but Buick may be releasing a new EV soon with similar design cues.

GM hasn’t held back excitement about the refreshing new direction of the Buick brand. As one of the oldest brands in the industry, Buick is sitting on 125 years of history. The president of GM shared that he was excited about the new direction and the talented team spearheading it.

Many in the industry agree–the new design cues have brought life back into the style of Buick vehicles. It’s difficult these days to make crossovers stand out, but the new Buick Enclave is now longer, wider, and taller than the previous model. It features a larger front grille and more aggressive lines.

Flagship of the Buick Brand

Saving the best for last, the Buick Enclave is the flagship of the brand and gets some of the more eye-catching design changes. As the largest vehicle in the lineup, the Enclave benefits from more rugged styling cues, such as the truck-like rear end with wide tail lights.

The interior features a floating center console, which means it doesn’t attach to the front instrument panel. The Enclave also includes a 30-inch curved infotainment screen as standard equipment. All of the Enclave’s trims will come with GM Super Cruise. Additional standard equipment includes front heated seats, new safety features, and wireless charging.

The Enclave comes in the Preferred, ST, and Avenir trims. The current V6 has been ditched in favor of a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 328 horsepower and 326 pound-feet of torque. Starting prices for the 2025 Buick Enclave haven’t been announced yet.

Transforming a Brand

The current Buick lineup consists of the Encore GX, Envista, Envision, and Enclave. All four models are crossovers. Buick previously revealed that it would use the name Electra for its new EV models, starting in 2024. The name has been used since 1959 by the brand. Buick spokespeople have not confirmed any specific timing for the release of a new EV. It may not launch until 2025.

In 2022, Buick said it was working toward a fully electric lineup by 2030. GM has also said its target date for a fully electric lineup is 2035. However, the current picture around EVs looks a bit murkier. Since then, the CEO of GM said its future with EVs would depend on customer demand.

Regardless, GM has been slowly adding EV and hybrid models to its lineup across the board.

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