12.06.16 - Monkeys

When you’re a child and you copy something that someone else does and both of you end up in trouble or having done something stupid your parents may have uttered the phrase “monkey see; monkey do” at you. This simple phrase meant that just because someone else did something first didn’t mean you should go and do it yourself. They were trying to tell you to be an original and to stop trying to copy everything your sibling, cousin or friend was doing. Unfortunately this message hasn’t resonated with the automotive industry and we see many examples of automakers trying to copy each other.

Maybe copy isn’t the right word; instead they try and outdo each other. This happens on many levels and is a continuous battle. Most recently this battle was taken to German fronts for a battle of epic proportions. The battle is right now between BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as it has always been, and BMW is working to follow along the same way Mercedes-AMG has already done. You see, Mercedes-AMG wasn’t satisfied to have one sporty version in each area of its lineup, now they have two with the more powerful and sportier version being the S model.

Now BMW has decided they will add to the mix of German confusion of letters and numbers and offer a more engaging and sport tuned addition to their M models by adding CS models to the mix. So far BMW has filed a protection of the names M1 CS through M8 CS with the World Intellectual Property Organization which indicates that we will see these CS models in the future and we can expect them to be even more track engaged than the current M cars already are. The validation of this happened during recent testing.

Testing was taking place recently with two M4 models being tested together. One looked and performed like the M4 we already know and love and the other offered a lip spoiler, more air intakes, different wheels and a larger rear spoiler and is expected to be this new CS version. Most likely, in the same way Mercedes-AMG does their cars, these new M cars will have the same engines as the ones we have now, but there will certainly be some tuning done to give us more power and torque out of these models for us to enjoy the ride.

If you read the naming right that’s being protected you’ll notice the M8 was at the top of the list. This certainly hints at BMW making a new 8 Series which would be a coupe version of the 7 Series. While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, this new naming protection certainly shows some push in that direction by BMW and it appears if that car is built there will be an M version and eve a CS model as well. This “monkey see; monkey do” business in the car world doesn’t have to stop at all. There are plenty of us out here looking for more sport and more of what we love so keep them coming.

Written by Nathan Ehinger

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