2018 Buick Regal Tour X

A mere thirty years ago, station wagons were all the rage. You couldn’t drive down the road without seeing kids sandwiched in the back of one, as it hauled a rather large family on its way to Grandma’s house or to a family dinner. However, these days there aren’t many out there. Sure, there are still some representatives of this classic mode of transportation still hanging on and lingering in a world in which they’ve been otherwise forgotten. Staying true to its new(ish) marketing campaign, however, Buick is about the flip everything on its ear with the arrival of the first ever Buick Regal X for the 2018 model year.

Curiosity surrounds the production of this vehicle, that has been given a classic Buick model’s moniker but shares little to no similarity with the original Regal, or even the Regals of the recent past. As of right now, the Regal Tour X is being produced in the image of European brand Opel, and it’s meant to compete with other European models like the Audi A4 All Road and Volvo’s XC60 Cross Country. It’s also set up to go up against a fan favorite in the station wagon market, the Subaru Outback.

One of the biggest reasons that station wagons didn’t really hang around all that long is because they became somewhat impractical when it came to transporting a family. They fell out of favor as families flocked toward more spacious and attractive sports utility vehicles. Some models stuck around; Volvo’s model was very popular for a very long time. Now, Buick is bringing it back in a grand new way! It’s not just a station wagon, it’s a driving experience and the Regal Tour X has been handsomely designed to please the eye.

The exterior of the Regal Tour X was has been built to be the most aerodynamic example of a vehicle in its class. With incredible sculpted LED headlights, the front end of the vehicle is meant to be both dynamic and surprising. She’s built to attract your attention. Standard roof rails, available cross bars, and a hands-free liftgate make this vehicle ready for any adventure that you may have to throw at it, including a mountain biking trek through the countryside or a kayaking trip down the local creek. The Regal Tour X also comes standard with 18” aluminum wheels that make a statement when matched with any available color.

No matter where you’re headed, your comfort is of the utmost importance in the Regal Tour X. They’ve designed the interior to cradle your every angle, so you’re at your best when you arrive where you’re supposed to be. Each part of the cockpit is designed with the driver in mind, using only the finest materials to construct every surface. With comfort and cargo space combined, this one is the sure choice in the station wagon market, as it is not only bigger but has a lot more space than any of the other offerings.

With a new car, it’s obviously largely about what tech is available to you. People want the hottest, newest thing when it comes to car technology, and Buick also delivers on this. iPhone and iPad fans will benefit from standard and built in Apple CarPlay. As a GM vehicle, the Regal Tour X features a WiFi hotspot for all of your immediate connectivity needs, whether you’re in the middle of the city or in the middle of nowhere. There are a multitude of available safety features like Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator, and Forward Automatic Braking to ensure that everywhere you go, you’re getting there safely.

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