The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

We love to talk about what could happen with a vehicle and how it might make its way to the market with some specific components or a specific look. As much as automakers try to camouflage the vehicles they test, and Jeep has been doing a great job with the Wrangler Pickup, we still get some idea of what will possibly be the qualities that a vehicle will offer us when it comes to market while it’s being tested at the tracks. The Jeep Wrangler pickup is one that has been tested and talked about quite a bit and will continue to be.

What’s been caught on camera on this new pickup truck this time? Recently, spy photographers have caught a look at the Jeep Wrangler pickup testing and have seen this new prototype wearing a different set of tires than what we’re used to. Until now, the testing models that have been photographed have been wearing the Goodyear Wrangler tires that have been the standard choice for Wranglers for years. This new prototype was viewed wearing Falken Widepeak A/T tires, which gives us the idea that the company isn’t sure which tires will be used when the truck makes it way to the market.

There may be other tires that are tested on this new Wrangler pickup as it gets closer to the release date for this truck. We don’t expect to see it until the 2019 model year and that makes this a truck that will continue to be a questionable model until that time. We still haven’t learned much about the Jeep components, the suspension or the build of this truck, but will most likely have a better idea in the upcoming months for a reason that Jeep many not want us to think of.

The new Jeep Wrangler generation will begin with the 2018 model year and this new SUV will enter the production phase of its development at the end of this year. This will be a vehicle that will have an all-new frame and used materials that help save weight such as aluminum. Once we see this new model on the market, or at least have more information regarding what it will be built with, we’ll be able to discern what the Wrangler pickup truck may be when it comes to the market the following year as the first Jeep pickup offered in many years.

Another aspect of what spy shots caught is the fact the prototype had four doors to be a Wrangler Unlimited pickup truck. This may be an option used for the new Wrangler as it enters the midsized truck market with this new model. All other pickups on the market offer us the choice of two or four doors and the Jeep Wrangler pickup should offer the same if it wants to be competitive. I would expect we’ll see more spy photos over the next few months as we get closer to the actual date of when this truck will actually show up on the market.

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