So You Want a BMW i8; You Will Most Likely Have to Wait in Line

BMW i8 with Wheels

Having heard about the BMW i8 I decided it was time to read up and check out the reviews which revealed the i8 truly the king of the plug-in cars. Whoever designed this beauty at BMW has a vast and vivid imagination that runs on electric power but has the heart of a huge V8 engine at their core. The BMW i8 is a pristine and exciting high-performance electric powered car that has every bit of technology and features the long time German automaker can offer to anyone looking to have a top end Beemer to drive.

So if this is such an awesome car what is the problem? The problem is simple, the BMW team is smart, very smart. Instead of saturating the market with these beauties for anyone who can afford the $137,450 price tag (not this guy) they have only allowed 500 to be sold in the U.S. for 2014 but will double that for 2015. Currently this means the wait for the i8 is approximately a year from the time an order is placed making it a very hot commodity in the U. S.

BMW CEO Ludwig WIllisch gave insight to the i8 being a fantastic halo car because it “stands for all the technology BMW has to offer and has 72-mpg mileage”. With so much to be proud of and even having to compete in a market where the price of gas is going down and some consumers are now steering away from electric cars, the i8 will continue to be one that is highly sought after and extremely desired for a long time to come.

For those of us who only get to look and dream about possibly driving or owning such a car we can continue to be fully amazed by the high end technology and amazing features offered on the i8 to make us discuss what it has that offers owners so much to enjoy and makes them want to get in a line that lasts a year just to get their next high performance and very expensive toy to drive.


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