Vision, Passion, and Belief Help Develop a Next Generation Lamborghini


Having the resources offered by Lamborghini and the drive to actually take a vision and make it a reality helps to create what may be the very next , or next after that, version of the Lamborghini Diamante. This car, which has been the pinnacle of refinement, speed, and design for so many generations has a new concept which might be revealed and developed sooner rather than later. The designer is Thomas Granjard who has communicated his belief the world will be running low on fossil fuels by the year 2023.

With this belief, and only eight years until its realization, Granjard has created a Diamante which is fully capable of running on green energy. Not that this car will be toned down version of the once great super car we all know and love, instead it will continue its greatness, but with an electric engine powering the speed demon making it nearly unstoppable on any road. Obviously, to develop such a concept, Granjard must be the benefactor of a wealth of resources and possess a singular vision and passion, which he does, the Lamborghini line of cars has been his passion for a long time and his belief has led him to the creation of this concept.

As with many Lamborghini models, the Diamante Concept will continue to have sharp lines and ridges in order to cut through the wind and funnel the air where needed in order to cool the system. The design will be non-static and aerodynamics will result from the use of movable wings on the back of the car which will automatically rotate to maximize speed when needed. This unique and groundbreaking design could be the future of the Diamante and create a whole new class of vehicles across the globe.

Continuing the normal (as if a Lamborghini is normal) concept in the cockpit of the car, the driver will take precedence with a wide array of interactive controls and gauges to let the driver know what is going on with the vehicle. With a complete surround window, there are nearly no blind spots to deal with and the entire interior will be covered in premium leather upholstery (only the best for these drivers).

The power is the most intriguing part of this concept by Granjard. This use of 15 kWh lithium Ion batteries to assist the biofuels will give the car a range of 559 miles with the combination of the two or 93 miles on just the electric motor. There are four electric motors present to give the car up to 800 horsepower and 1600 lb.-ft. of torque. As if this isn’t enough a driver could gain more power with a KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) package with can bring the horsepower to 965. The weight of the car would come in around 4,000 pounds once the batteries are all in place.

With this kind of look into the future and the admirable passion, vision and belief by Thomas Granjard, the world may see a brand new breed of Lamborghinis starting with his Diamante Concept. With plenty of power, amazing looks, and the use of green fuel sources, this car is sure to attract many to its fan base who might have previously been skeptical about the Lamborghini lineup.

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