When Subaru Impreza was a Tuner Car

Impreza WRX STi

With the popularity of the “Fast and Furious” movies teens and young adults showed up in droves to try and build cars that would resemble the looks and feelings they saw on the movie screen. Buying custom parts and adding power, torque, and speed in any form became the name of the game. Seeing a car that can actually slide and drift with expertise is not only a tribute to the driver, but also to the car and how it is set up to perform. Many cars offer the ability to perform well when adjusted for it, but Subaru has been building cars that have exceptional control.

2006 was the last year of the Impreza before the next model change and the Impreza WRX STi was one amazing beast of a car. Offering the four-cylinder boxer engine which has the pistons pumping horizontally instead of vertically making the weight and center of gravity more balanced, this car offered speed demons a great tuner car. Tuner cars are built with a ton of capability from the start and need very little encouragement to give drivers the ride of their lives as is the case with the 2006 Impreza.

Adding to the great balance and better center of gravity the engine gained, Subaru has been building cars with standard all-wheel drive for many years. With that in mind it should not be surprising this Impreza had the control and power to all four wheels needed to really shoot off the line and leave others well behind. In addition to outstanding acceleration, the Impreza offers the ability to show off what a driver’s skill behind the wheel just might be and give the driver the confidence to know the car will remain in sync with the movements and speed they are looking for.

To prove this point, Ken Block created his Gymhana video to showcase not only his driving skills, but the absolute amazing capability of the Impreza WRX STi. During the video, the 540 horsepower Impreza is really put to the test, sliding sideways at over 120 mph and barking out reverberating feedback that simply appears the car is asking for more. Block put the Impreza through an impressive run during the video to show this car has what it takes to be a top competitor, especially when the course requires some fast movements and dynamic driving.

Whether you enjoy the challenge of speed, or desire the control of all-wheel drive, the 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi made both possible especially when modified and set up to be a great tuner car. These features are available on many new models today as well, but the Impreza went from a sedan to a hatchback after the 2006 model year, changing the body shape and style. For those would like to view the video referred to with Ken Block at the wheel, it is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Tuner cars have been the rage since it was discovered these cars can be filled with capable controls and basically thrown around, making them some of the most desired by young energy driven owners.


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