9 Generations of the Honda Accord

1976 Honda Accord

For nearly four decades, the Honda Accord has been a stellar representation of Japanese automotive engineering. It has been nearly flawless in its delivery of reliable, economical sedans that are made for families with the sedan but that can be sporty and agile with the coupe.

As we look back at the previous nine generations, witnessing the evolution of the design has been fun. From the small, almost insignificant cars of the late 70s that started to make an impact in the 80s when Americans realized that they drove for a long time to the current models that have a luxurious look and feel without having a luxurious price tag, the Honda Accord has continued to impress critics and drivers across the ages.

Here’s a breakdown of the nine generations with selections that we made of the best representatives from their era. They aren’t the prettiest we could find. They are the most natural. Which was your favorite Accord generation?

First generation (1976–1981)

1978 Honda Accord

Second generation (1982–1985)

1983 Honda Accord

Third generation (1986–1989)

1986 Honda Accord

Fourth generation (1990–1993)

1993 Honda Accord

Fifth generation (1994–1997)

1995 Honda Accord

Sixth generation (1998–2005)

2001 Honda Accord

Seventh generation (2006–2007)

2007 Honda Accord

Eighth generation (2008–2012)

2012 Honda Accord

Ninth generation (2013–present)

2015 Honda Accord

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