2015 Toyota Camry XSE

For years, the Camry has been the top choice amongst midsized sedans and has continued to dominate both the market as well as the reliability measurements. The XSE trim continues this trend and brings more to the table for those who want their family to drive in comfort and safety.

When you have the best ride available, you start to look at the small stuff in order to continue to stand out. For the XSE, the seats are the details that Toyota mastered as they brought the feel and comfort of leather to a cloth interior. With available heating to them, it makes for a year-round driver that families can enjoy.

Toyota dealers across the nation are selling this particular trim level at a high rate and for good reason. Check out this video from the Boston Herald to learn why:

Written by CQ Livingston

When it comes to cars, I believe that they are meant to be driven. They shouldn't be parked in a museum regardless of how expensive they are. If they can go, they should go!

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