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For many decades Lincoln and Cadillac have been the premier names of American luxury. Mostly associated with older drivers who could afford to purchase and enjoy the luxury rides, these two brands were similar in many ways but different as well. As direct competitors the one-upsmanship was evident for a long time while the German automakers sat back and watched as their sales soared through the roof. Now, both brands are remaking themselves into a new concept of style, elegance, performance and technology in order to attract a younger demographic that can appreciate what these two longstanding and highly respected brands have to offer.

Whether the Lincoln is just trying to beat the Caddy to the punch, or the CT6 is really set to take on all challengers, especially the German luxury brands is still to be seen, but the hard fact is these two cars are both highly engineered, exquisitely designed and ready to provide soft and secure rides with more power and features than ever before.

Name Recognition

Whether its just bad timing or simply a signal to change, the alphabet soup that Cadillac has offered in the ATS and CTS were starting to be recognizable by many. Now they have changed it to add a number creating the CT6 which is the first in the line of new cars promised by Cadillac in order to entice a crowd that will benefit from highly powerful cars that provide awesome luxury. Supposedly the CT6 is an abbreviation for “Cadillac Touring-6” but it appears to be more of an attempt to beat BMW and Mercedes-Benz at their own naming game.

The Lincoln on the other hand, has had the Continental for decades and we can all associate luxury, style, grace and even some awesome movie and television references with the name. By keeping the name helps us already know what we are stepping into with the Lincoln.


As far as the looks go, the Cadillac CT6 is the leader in the clubhouse for this one. With gorgeous style and a presence that can’t be ignored, the CT6 is more than just an overgrown CTS, it has its own features, flair and excitement, making it possible for both to coexist under the same roof and on car lots around the country. The easy way the car looks, with smooth contours and the right proportions make it a look many luxury car shoppers are going to truly enjoy.

As for the Lincoln, the car appears to be trying to mimic many other automakers. Take a little from the Bentley line, a dash of Jaguar influence and even a touch of Kia design (which might have been a mistake, but its there on the grill) and you have what the Continental looks like. Rather than having its own design that is built upon a platform of truly great cars, like the Cadillac lineup, the Lincoln was a copycat, and not a very good one at that for overall looks. Thankfully this is still a concept car and can be altered to become what it should be a uniquely designed luxury car for all to enjoy.

On the Inside

Because the Lincoln is still a concept car, the cabin is not a fair fight at all. The Lincoln shown off at various auto shows is trying out a variety of technology and features prior to heading to productions while the Cadillac is going to be sold this year. With that in mind the CT6 offers a beautiful cabin that is fully expected to be one of comfort and luxury but may still need a bit more tweaking to be a step above the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Audi A8. Some of the great features aboard the CT6 are things like the 34-speaker Bose surround sound audio system, the enhanced self-parking system, a camera-screen rearview mirror, and a haptic touchpad to control the infotainment system.

The Lincoln does show off a generous use of leather and chrome as well as a blue Alcantara trim and even 30-way adjustable rear seats that if found in the production model will certainly give the Lincoln a lead over the CT6.


The resources brought together to create the CT6 come from a vast pool of General Motors engineering and design elements to create the entirely new platform of the CT6. This car offers new engines, uses a ton of aluminum to help reduce weight and strengthen the structure, and shows off with a style that is graceful and elegant. All CT6 models will show up weighing less than 4,000 pounds, which is quite a feat in this class of vehicles with the closest to this number being the A8 at 4,300 pounds.

The Continental unfortunately does not ride on its own platform but instead will probably rely on a platform already in use as the new rear-drive underpinnings are not ready to add to the concept that is scheduled to start production soon. The expected platform upon productions is between the D3 and CD4 which are both already in use on other models from Lincoln, making it unfortunate for the new Continental which may leave us something to be desired when it comes to the driving of this new luxury cruiser.


It’s nearly impossible to take about advancements in any vehicle without discussing what is under the hood. For these two, both will offer 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engines, seeming to make them somewhat identical for power, except for the signature engineering involved. The lower weight of the CT6 allows it to take advantage not only of the V6 engine, but also offer a turbocharged four-cylinder at the base engine, putting some emphasis on efficiency along with the luxury features. These engines will be attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission, making it possible to have the power and driving comfort desired along with the performance desired. Cadillac has even taken this a step farther and is expected to unveil a hybrid version of the CT6.

Unlike the underpinnings, the Lincoln EcoBoost V6 engine will be exclusive to the brand and allow the car to enjoy an engine lineup that is made for the luxury aboard. The drivetrain and transmission have not been announced yet, making it difficult to discern any feelings regarding the Continental, but the hope it there will be just a smooth a luxury ride when shifting in this car as in the CT6.

The Verdict

The obvious result is the CT6 is certainly more ready to take on the German luxury car makers and possibly come out with a win. As for the head to head, the CT6 is the clear favorite although at recent auto shows both cars gained a lot of attention and if the Continental can get all of its engineering in line under that gorgeous exterior it will be one graceful and powerful luxury ride in its own right. For now, the CT6 seems ready to take on the world and show off the new look and feel of Cadillac that should entice young and successful professionals the world over.

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