2016 Chevrolet Camaro Latest Information

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Reveal

The Chevrolet Camaro has become an American icon amongst muscle car lovers. Although it had a brief hiatus, the Camaro has emerged even stronger, and outsold the Ford Mustang. Chevy has announced that it will unveil the sixth-generation Camaro in May of 2015. On May 16th, 2015, Chevrolet will show the latest muscle car in Belle Isle in Detroit. Until then, Chevrolet has dropped little tid bits to feed the hungry crowds.

Every ten days, General Motors is expected to drop a hint or clue about what will be on the new Camaro. One of these teasers is the new logo for the new model Camaro. It has signature red, white, and blue vertical bars. They have also dedicated a page to the teaser releases: www.thecamarosix.com. The Camaro has been re-engineered and will be revealed from the inside out.

General Motors has also released images of the exterior of the vehicle that is covered in camouflage. It appears to have a sleeker roofline, shorter wheelbase, and split upper grille. The headlamps are deep set into the grille. The exterior of the Camaro for 2016 appears to still have the same aggressive look of its predecessor. The sixth generation model will be moved to the Alpha platform, which will reduce the weight of the vehicle.

It has yet to be determined what specifications will be available as far as engine sizes go for the Camaro, but it has been rumoured that it could be one of six engines, and that it will be offered in both a manual and automatic transmission. Pricing is expected to start at $20,000 MSRP, and depending upon configuration and options shoot up to an MSRP of $60,000.

The only people that really know what is behind the curtain on the all new 2016 Camaro is General Motors. The rest of us will have to wait until May 16th, 2015 at Belle Isle in Detroit to see what this bad boy is really made of. One thing’s for sure, the Camaro will be a fierce competitor in the muscle car market, and many Americans stand by to see what GM will bring to the table for 2016.

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