A Look at the 2016 Lexus GS F

2016 Blue Lexus GS F

2016 Blue Lexus GS F

When you know that the F at the end of a Lexus model name means it’s the sport tuned version of the car you certainly can get excited.  As the luxury brand from Toyota that typically thumbs its nose at the rest of the luxury world Lexus offers us a full slate of cars and SUVs that are perfectly priced in the market and give us all the luxury we could want.  When you look to a sporty, athletic and performance enhanced version of a car you certainly can find what you need from the F models at Lexus.

One of the big changes that have finally found their way to the GS F is the inclusion of engine noise on purpose.  In many of our own sport models automakers use speakers to bring in the sounds of the engine and exhaust but most of the time the Japanese brands have tried to do the opposite, not realizing that we want to hear the engine sounds and become one with the car and the road as we spread our wings and fly down an open highway that certainly will offer adventure and a relaxing cruise.

With that tidbit out of the way let’s take a look at the car in general.  The engine is still a 5.0-liter V8 that shows up with 467 horsepower and is attached to a fantastic eight-speed automatic transmission.  This is up from the original that was released in 2008 and certainly the power number is plentiful to give us the excitement we crave.  There is room to have five in the car who want to enjoy the experience in a sport tuned Lexus that does more than just scream with power down the road, this car can show off in a variety of ways to give you a drive you won’t soon forget.

Performance is a major factor with the GS F and there is plenty to spare in this beauty of a car.  The suspension is a double wishbone up front and a multilink in the rear to give you the control you need.  With this and the stiffened chassis you will be able to feel the road and know what you need to do to handle twists, turns and even the straight road like a champ.  Even though this car weighs in at 4,034 pounds it’s actually pretty nimble, giving you a way to enjoy the drive and be confident you can make it through the turns at speed.

Looking back at that power under the hood, this powertrain is capable of reaching the sixty mph mark in only 4.5 seconds with a quarter mile run that will only take you 12.8 seconds.  The top speed is electronically limited to 168 mph but that certainly is fast enough to have a lot of fun on the track and show off your great luxury sedan that just might beat several sports cars when you log in some track time.  The only negative I can find on this car so far is the fact that you do need to use premium gasoline, but for most luxury and sports cars that is the case so you pretty much knew this already.

We must talk about the style look and materials of the body which offer you a generous amount of carbon fiber.  The rear spoiler and brake ducts are made from this lightweight material.  There are plenty of openings for air to flow where it needs to, ensuring the right amount of cooling for the engine and a bit of downforce to help stabilize this beautiful machine.

Even though Lexus offers us the spindle grill up front the styling is not overdone to let you enjoy the experience of driving.  For many onlookers they may think this another simple Lexus sedan, but you certainly know it is much more than that.

Because Toyota is big on reducing the number of options on a vehicle this one comes with only two choices on the list, a set of painted brake calipers and an 835-watt 17-speaker Mark Levinson sound system.  Everything else is already in place on this amazing car that will certainly let you turn your fun side loose and have a great time driving on the road or at the track.  This beauty will be available at your Lexus dealers soon, stop in, buy, and drive away your new GS F to have the right car for your driving excitement.

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