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01.28.16 - 2016 Fiat 500

01.28.16 - 2016 Fiat 500

When an automaker presents us with a model that is new to the market typically they start with only one or two versions of the vehicle. This gives the automaker a chance to review the results before moving forward with additional trim levels of the model that can eventually become the entire lineup of the vehicle. Because this is the typical direction any company in the automotive world deems the right one it makes perfect sense that Fiat has plans for 2018 that includes and expanded lineup of their vehicles to bring us something exciting to enjoy.

The Fiat 500 platform has been one that for several years has worked well for them as a great little subcompact car that was expanded to the 500X to be the Fiat version of a subcompact SUV. This little crossover has already been one of the best-selling products from Fiat in years to carry the name and now Fiat is ready to show us the next model to be added to the 500X lineup.

This next model makes perfect sense since it moves the 500X to the Abarth level with has been the most impressive and sporty version of the typical 500 model. With the Abarth the 500X will have a sportier front end with more style, an improved suspension package, 18-inch wheels, larger brakes with red calipers along with a dual exhaust out back. This new Abarth model is meant to be able to compete directly with the Nissan Juke NISMO and the MINI John Cooper Works Edition that are both top performers in this class.

Because the Abarth model of the 500X has a great sound and comes in at 200 horsepower the rumor is the engine has come out of the Alfa Romeo 4C and it certainly could have considering the 4C only makes 237 horsepower. This could very easily be a slightly lower tuned model of the same engine which is meant to be a perfectly designed and operating version to give this SUV a great ride.

Another improvement we will see is the inclusion of AWD on the new Abarth version of the 500X. This will give us a small SUV that is one of the best performers in any road conditions which makes it a vehicle that will be just as at home in the Northeastern part of the country as it is in the Southwest.

Will the Abarth model of the 500X be a top seller for Fiat? If the natural progression holds true, this will be the version of this little SUV that more of us want than any other. With the improvements made over the cabriolet and coupe models there will be more of this trim level on the road than any other. With this new entry for 2018 its seems the Nissan Juke NISMO and Mini John Cooper Works will have the challenge set down for them in a gauntlet style to challenge their dominance in this segment. For us as consumers any vehicle war is a good thing for the market, it means more for less, which is always a positive.

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