Do You Know These Supercars?

06.22.16 - 1989 Zender Fact 4 - 2

06.22.16 - 1989 Zender Fact 4 - 2

What are the familiar supercar names? The first to typically come to mind are Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Others may be Pagani, McLaren and Aston Martin, but most of us would not have a clue what some of the following supercars are or where they came from. There are many smaller names in the world that have what is known as a boutique name which means they haven’t yet gotten the notoriety they will richly deserve when the brand and their cars are finally part of the normal language of the automotive world. Here are a few that you don’t know yet, but you certainly will want to get to know after reading this.

06.22.16 - 1989 Colani Ferrari Testa d’Oro

Colani Ferrari Testa d’OroThis is a car that starts with one of our all-time favorite Ferrari models, the Testarossa and brings about much more than you would ever expect. The car is lower and sleeker than the original Ferrari ever achieved and the tuning of the engine from Lotec takes it from 428 horsepower up to an insane 750. This is a car that is meant to dominate on the racetrack and at the time it was built this car broke the class record by achieving 218 mph in 1991; simply an amazing feat.

06.18.16 - 1989 Zender Fact 4

Zender Fact 4If you take a Ferrari F40 and drop in the Audi V8 with the twin turbochargers this is what you get. Zender put together two of these cars that were built to be amazing supercars and of their own design, although it looks a lot like the Ferrari F40. This engine setup was good for 450 horsepower and a top speed of 190 mph while reaching sixty mph in less than 4.3 seconds. For a company that was trying to get off the ground this was certainly a great way to get things started.

06.22.16 - 1995 Venturi 400 GT

Venturi 400 GTThis was a car that was built to be raced at Le Mans and be one that actually could perform well. Unfortunately this was also a car that didn’t do well in this race. This car was based of the Altlantique and was eventually redesigned for the road because it did so poorly on the track. When this took place this car became the fastest French car ever produced and was only overshadowed when the Bugatti Veyron came into existence. This car could reach sixty mph in less than 4.7 seconds and had a top speed of 181 mph which wasn’t Le Mans fast, but it certainly was a lot of fun to drive.

06.22.16 - 1968 Bertone Panther

Bertone PantherThis was a car that had a purpose; to beat other three-liter prototype racers in the World Sportscar Championship. This car was great for the racing world and was one that was more than ever could be hoped for. Using an alloy and titanium tube frameless chassis and 24-volt electronics this was a car that could have been awesome. Unfortunately the vision of Bertone never would come to be due to the lack of support for the organization that was to race this awesome car.

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