2018 Audi A8 Its Glorious at the Top

The ability to pay for and drive a car that’s as beautiful, luxurious, and elegant as the Audi A8 is a special feeling. Fitting in with some of the top level executive sedans on the market, the Audi A8 is the model that offers you an award-winning interior and the qualities you want for the drive you’re going to make. This is a car that you’ll love to drive in but enjoy riding in just as much. If you’re looking for an excellent way to stand out from the crowd of executive sedans that seem to all look the same, the A8 is the right choice for you.
Equipped with the standard Quattro AWD system and the ability to choose the high-performance S8 which can give you as much as 600 horsepower from under the hood, you’re never going to be bored when you choose the Audi A8 as the car you want to drive. Inside you’ll be greeted with a variety of luxury items that allow you to have and enjoy the credentials you want with smooth and elegant materials and surfaces that will keep you happy on the roads that you drive.
This is the last year of production for the current model of the Audi A8 and as such, most automakers wouldn’t add anything new. While there are only a few changes, this is a car that does receive the upgrades of the Executive Package in the base 3.0T models which brings you the benefits of driver assistance features that include active lane keeping along with comfort features for the ride such as ventilated and massaging front seats. You’re going to be amazed by and enjoy the smooth and elegant ride of this impressive luxury sedan that sits at the top of the lineup for Audi.

Check out the Features List for this Car

The Audi A8 3.0T is where the comfort and the quality begin with this impressive car. You’ll have the benefits of leather upholstery; 18-way power operated and heated front seats, a Bose audio system, a navigation system, quad-zone climate controls, and a sunroof. Your rear seat passengers can enjoy the power rear sunshade and rear seat vanity mirrors. You’ll also experience the luxury quality of the headlight washers, the six-month subscription to the Audi Connect system which gives you in-car Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a car that is right for you to drive, even at the base level.
Move up to the 4.0T model and you’ll add 22-way front seats that have ventilation and massaging functions, heated rear seats, a head-up display and a panoramic sunroof. You can add the Executive Package to the 3.0T model and added the driver assistance items that include blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and a top-view camera. Add the options you want to the 4.0 model and you’ll have power-operated rear outboard seats that have ventilation and massaging functions. The S8 model is a performance machine that gives you the fun of a sports car in a large luxury size.

The Power for the Drive

There are two engines used for the Audi A8 which are signified by their trim names. The 3.0T uses a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that provides 333 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque. The upgraded engine is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that pumps up the power to 450 ponies and 444 lb.-ft. of torque. Both of these engines are attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The S8 uses the 4.0-liter engine but is tuned up to give you 605 horsepower and 517 lb.-ft. of torque.
If it’s time for you to step up to the top level of luxury vehicles offered and purchase a large luxury sedan you need to take a look at the 2018 version of the Audi A8. This amazing large and smooth luxury sedan is one that you’re going to want to drive as soon as you step in behind the wheel. This is one of the most comfortable and engaging cars in this class and is easily the one that allows you to know you’ve arrived and now have the pleasure of driving the car that offers you the height of perfection on the road.

Written by Carl Durrek

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