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Get ready to get even more out of your Chevrolet Camaro experience, with the release of the beastly, yet angelic 2019 edition. Hold on to your hat!
When you look at what’s being offered in the performance car market, the Chevrolet team has made some serious strides toward greater quality and impressive performance for the drive of the Camaro. The 2019 model year brings us a refreshed model that has the ten-speed automatic transmission in the SS while the new infotainment system is the third generation of the MyLink system you want to enjoy. In addition to these two impressive improvements, the Bowtie brand is adding an exciting treatment to the most affordable version of the Camaro for the fun and active driving you want to enjoy.

The turbocharged four-cylinder model of the Chevrolet Camaro, which is one that many people look at as a car with looks but not performance, is ready to offer you the performance you’ve desired with the 1LE package that’s now being offered in this car. This car will make its way to the market for the 2019 model year to ensure you can have an excellent ride in a car that’s ready to give you the drive you want when you head out on the road or take to the track for some fun.

A History That Matters in the Camaro

Even if the first time you’ve heard of the Chevy 1LE engine package in the Camaro was when you heard the news of the new top performer and the fast lap it turned at Nurburgring, you should know this package has a history. This amazing package dates back several decades to show up in the third generation F-body model that needed some upgrades. The solution was to put some suspension tweaks and improvements that grew into a package of track-ready items that make this car more capable on the track and offer us the amazing ride we can enjoy when we’re ready to drive.
The 1LE package of today shows up on various forms across the model lineup. The SS model uses some of the same equipment as the ZL1 with a magnetic ride suspension, an electronic limited-slip differential, and bigger brakes, the V6 1LE model uses the cooling, tires and other items that come from the SS to give us the performance we want to enjoy. Staying with this theme, the turbocharged model makes use of some of the same items to offer us the quality performance we’re looking for when we head out for a drive.
This new version of the most affordable Camaro on the market features the FE3 suspension system that’s part of the standard Camaro SS to give you the same dampers, toe links, stabilizer bars, and upgraded Brembo brakes along with a mechanical limited slip rear differential, a similar transmission, cooling system, and the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires that are used for the SS. Additionally, the electronics have been tuned up for the Turbo 1LE to offer a new Competitive drive mode that makes it easy to make it even more fun for you out on the track.

The Same of What You’re Used to in the Camaro Turbo 1LE

The power under the hood of this new package Chevy Camaro is the 275 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque engine that we’ve come to know for a few years. This power is attached to a six-speed manual transmission to start with to make sure you can have the fun you want when you head out on the road or to the track. This is a car that’s aimed at those who want to enjoy the benefits of driving a Camaro without the higher cost of higher performance while still enjoying some of the performance items desired.
What this means for those looking for the base model of the Camaro with more fun and active driving features is that you can have the turbocharged model with the fuel mileage that you admire for a daily driver and now enjoy the track-ready performance items of the 1LE package. This makes for an excellent car that can be fun to drive when you see an open road in front of you or you decide to take your car to the track to challenge your own times as you run around the course and try to reach the fastest lap possible.

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