New Pickup Truck Models are Coming

RAM Pickup Truck

RAM Pickup Truck

If you’re a pickup truck fan, the 2018 calendar year will prove to be one for the ages.
All three of the major truck brands in the US are offering new models for the 2019 model year and we will see the first of a truck from a brand that hasn’t given us one for many years.

This makes the 2018 calendar year one of the most incredible years in the history of the truck class to be one that will continue to allow us to have the benefit of the next selection of pickups for the work (and the fun) that needs to get done.

From GM

First, we saw the new Chevrolet Silverado that was flown in by helicopter to the Texas Motor Speedway to give us a look at what this impressive new truck will be as it reaches the 2019 model year. This truck found its way to losing weight with the use of mixed materials and increased fuel economy for the drive in the two new versions of the Silverado from Chevrolet and the Sierra from GMC. We don’t know how much of these combined materials were used, but we will get to know more extremely soon.

From Ford

As the most popular truck brand in the history of trucks in the US, the Ford F-Series trucks will be upgraded and we will finally have the benefit of the new Ford Ranger that’s been promised as part of the 2019 model year. In addition to this change, the 2018 version of this truck has been upgraded to bring us a new powertrain that has the efficiency you’ll want without giving up the power you want to have when you need to get work done. The Ranger has been long anticipated and will finally find its way to the market later this year.

From Ram

The Ram 1500 is being completely redesigned and rebuilt to give us a new generation that will have better looks and more capability than it offered in the past. This truck is one that gives u the powertrains we want and will show up at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show to give us a look at what this new model will be when it’s time to have the drive we want in a truck that’s been built to be something new and impressive for us on the roads and job sites we experience.

The Surprise Performer

FCA has a second item that we expect to see near the end of 2018 to possibly join the lineup for the 2019 model year. This new model will be the Jeep Wrangler pickup, which we’ve heard about in rumors and renderings that have been released already. This will be the first SUV based pickup offered in a long time to be a Jeep that can have a bed on the back to give us a way to bring items with us out to the wilderness that we want to enjoy for the fun and activities in the outdoors.

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