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2020 Ford – What Can You Do with the Ford F-150?

The quick answer to the question is that you can do nearly anything you want with the 2020 Ford F-150. This truck is built to handle the load, pull the trailer, carry the crew, and get things done. The Ford F-150 is rough, rugged, and built to be the quality truck that you want to… Read more »

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New Pickup Truck Models are Coming

If you’re a pickup truck fan, the 2018 calendar year will prove to be one for the ages. All three of the major truck brands in the US are offering new models for the 2019 model year and we will see the first of a truck from a brand that hasn’t given us one for… Read more »

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The Raptor Powertrain isn’t Just for the Raptor

For 2017 we will see the resurgence of the Raptor on the market and it will be a powerful truck for off-roading for you. While the Raptor for 2017 features a powertrain that’s much lighter and smaller than the one on the previous Raptor this powertrain won’t be limited to this massive off road beast…. Read more »

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Is Your Pickup Truck a Safe Truck?

The IIHS uses what is called a small overlap crash test on all vehicles it tests. This test is designed to replicate what would happen if a vehicle were to collide with just the corner of another vehicle, a pole, a tree or anything else. With an increase in this type of crash, likely caused… Read more »

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An Odd Comparison

For every comparison test you have to have a baseline to start from and decide what you want to base your test on. For this particular test you might think we chose some really strange item, but what we chose was the time to sixty mph of the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 which came… Read more »

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As Always, The Automotive World is Full of Copycats

When something new rolls off the line at any of the various automotive plants in the world the rest of the industry watches with bated breath to see what is going to happen and what the reaction will be.  From the first turbocharged engine to the various aerodynamics that are built on many of the… Read more »