Power Glorious Power in the Mustang Shelby Super Snake

The name alone offers you the feeling of excitement and a dynamic ride you’re sure to admire and want to enjoy when it’s time to head to the track to take on some of the other superpowers in the muscle car market. The new Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake is a car that has the performance items you’re looking for to be able to take down the Hellcats from Dodge and the 1LE Camaro of the Chevrolet brand. This is a car that comes to you with the power you’re sure to admire and enjoy showing off in a big way.

This new version of the Mustang won’t come cheap at all, but big power never does. The Shelby Super Snake is a heavily modified version of the base coupe Mustang that’s priced at $113,445 to give you the incredible performance and power you want. If you’re looking for the Ford Performance items that can scream around the track and the benefits of a three-year/36,000 mile warranty, this is the car you’ll want to have when you want to take on your track friends and find a way to come out on top.

What Makes the Mustang a Shelby Super Snake?

This car comes standard with the Ford Performance 710 horsepower supercharger that’s been painted black. In order to handle this power level, the Shelby is fitted with an extreme cooling upgrade that includes a new radiator, an aluminum tank, and heat exchanger. There are Performance half shafts, a one-piece drive shaft, and a Ford Performance added to the mix to give you the drivetrain upgrades you’re going to see in this powerful car. With these items offered you’re sure to love the drive and have the speed, you’ve been after.

The exterior of this car is improved with a new front fascia, hood, grills, rockers, front splitter, rear spoiler, rear tail panel, rear diffuser, and more. The wheels are 20-inch forged aluminum models that are offered in either black or bright and are paired with Shelby Performance spec tires. The brakes have also been upgraded to be Shelby by Brembo brakes which give you six-piston calipers up front and four-piston models in the back to offer the stopping power you’re looking for. In the cabin, you’ll see new floor mats and door sill plates, a new gauge cluster, CSM badging, and a convertible light bar to make it easy for you to have the convertible model you want to drive.

If you’re not interested in the standard form of the Shelby Super Snake, you can have a few optional upgrades. These items include an 800 horsepower supercharger, painted stripes, a matching car cover, a wide body package, and a Shelby by Penske track suspension. Whether you choose the upgraded version with the incredible increases in the power and performance you want or you’re looking for the standard model, you’re going to have the power and fun you’re looking for when you head out on the track and show off what this car can do.


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Written by Kerry Marasco

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