A Jeep Trackhawk That’s Not Trail Rated

A Jeep Thats Not Trail Rated

The idea of packing a Hellcat engine into every vehicle it can find is the equivalent of FCA working to stick a coin in every slot it can find. Most recently, the Jeep brand brought a new Grand Cherokee to the market with the Hellcat. This new Grand Cherokee is called the Trackhawk for a reason. Most of the Jeep models you see are Trail Rated, this one has a different way of handling its business. That is by being Track Rated and ready to turn some fast laps for you to enjoy.

What Makes the Trackhawk a Track Rated Model?

When you think of a Jeep model that gives you more; that more is usually in the form of trail performance, but the Trackhawk is a different animal. Powered by the massive 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8 engine that produces 707 horsepower. This is not a model that’s advertised for trails. Besides that, this SUV can get out and go on the trails in order to give you more of the fun you want in the outdoors, but this SUV is made to handle the fun on the track.

Not only is the Trackhawk powered by an incredible engine, but it also has the suspension and drives system to make this impressive vehicle that can be excellent for you to take a drive. This Jeep is one that’s made to reach sixty mph in only 3.3 seconds and rip off the quarter-mile in as little as 11.6 seconds to offer you the sprinting performance you want to enjoy. This SUV may be built to handle rocks and trees in the wilderness, but its easily one of the fastest on the market as well.

This is Still a Grand Cherokee

You’re going to be able to scream down the road or experience some seriously fast laps on the track with the Trackhawk. Still, this is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because of this, the Trackhawk is a vehicle that brings you the qualities you’re looking for and the drive you need in order to have a livable experience with your family. This SUV can seat five people comfortably, gives you the roominess you’re looking for, and makes it possible for you to enjoy the drive every single day.

The Drive That Excites You

During the week, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a mild-mannered and easy to experience a vehicle that shows up and performs the way you want every day. At the end of the week, you can take this SUV out for a great ride and let it loose on the track to give you the fun and powerful drive you’re looking for. You didn’t buy a vehicle with over 700 horsepower to let it be a commuter vehicle; let the Hellcat loose and make the Trackhawk show you what it can do when you take it out on the track for a drive.

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