The Ram Warlock Casts its Spell

The Ram Warlock Casts its Spell

The Ram Warlock Casts its Spell

There’s been a serious movement by nearly all automakers to bring back names that we’ve known and admired in the past. One such name is the Ram Warlock, which is a name that was familiar in the 1970s. The Warlock first appeared on pickup trucks that were built to attract a younger audience with upgraded wheels and oak trim to give us a truck that could be easy to admire and enjoy on the road. It seems Ram has done more to create a significant truck that we can admire and love on the roads with the Warlock name.

Unveiled by Ram in Canada

Recently, the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto gave us a look at what Ram had been brewing in their cauldron. The Ram Warlock is a truck that brings in a package of items that we desire in a build that pays homage to the models that bore the same name four decades ago. This is a great way for Ram to work toward using up the number of parts they still have in stock for the last generation of the 1500 pickup truck that’s still being sold by Ram.

The new Ram 1500 Warlock features a black grill surround that comes from the Ram Rebel with the massive R A M lettering offered. A set of semi-gloss black aluminum wheels are wrapped in 20-inch Goodyear tires and they look amazing with the new front and rear powder coated bumpers. In order to give the truck a more aggressive appearance, there’s a one-inch factory lift and black wheel flares to give this truck the look and feeling we want to see when we look at it as the truck that can give us the active ride desired on and off the roads.

More of What you want in this Magical Ram

The Ram 1500 Warlock is offered with an optional sport-style hood but the LED headlights are standard. There’s a smattering of hood decals and Warlock decals in different locations on this truck. This trim can be ordered for the 4×4 Quad Cab model with the 6’4” bed, or the Crew Cab 4×4 model with the 5’7” bed. Both of these models are powered by either the Pentastar V6or Hemi V8 engines to give you the power you’re looking for when you want to enjoy what this impressive version of the Ram 1500 will offer.

The Results for Ram

Bringing back the Warlock name and building this truck to give us another choice when looking at the Ram 1500 Classic is an excellent way for Ram to use up the parts they have in stock and give us an aggressive alternative that we can certainly fall in love with. This new truck model will likely be offered at dealerships near the end of March to give us a new version of the Warlock to enjoy driving. This will be a truck that won’t be available for very long and you’re going to want to enjoy the sorcery that is the Ram 1500 Warlock. However, if you miss out on a new one, there’s always a chance you can find it down the line in a selection of used Ram trucks. Either way, this is a truck you’ll want to get your hands on.

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