RAV4 vs Forester – Crossovers that can Cross Over

Two models that you should consider when you want a crossover that can cross over are the Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Forester.

Most of the crossover SUVs that we see on the road are made for time on the road and not for travel on trails. Sure, you can ride up on the grass or travel down a gravel driveway, but you can do these things in a sedan as well. What you want is a crossover SUV that’s capable of giving you on and off-road prowess for the time away from the paved roads. 

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RA4 brings you a new design that you can admire and enjoy when you want a rugged SUV that looks capable and ready to go. This SUV rides on a new platform, has a new engine, gives you AWD, and sports an upgraded interior style that can give you the look you want. The engine sounds rough and rugged at times to remind you this SUV wants to have some fun on the trails and show you what it can do when it’s time for a great drive.

Off-Road Settings in the RAV4

There are a few different off-road settings that will let you have the traction and stability you want on the trails. Flip through these settings and figure out which one will give you the feeling you want when you get behind the wheel and head out on the trails. The benefits to these settings are that once you’re back on the road you can put the settings back to normal and experience a smooth and impressive ride on the roads you need to travel on every day. Use the settings that make the most sense for your fun on the trails.

Competence for Your Daily Ride

Toyota has added the TSS-P package of safety features to the mix of what you’ll find when you take the RAV4 for a drive. This SUV also gives you the benefits of a generous cargo area for your stuff and the people you’re going to take with you on the road.

Subaru Forester

The style difference in the Forester will stand out but that doesn’t make it a bad thing at all. The Forester brings you a standard layout that brings you the benefits of AWD and a boxer engine to give you the balance and smooth ride that you’re looking for. There’s a two-stage X-Mode drive system to give you what you want for off-road driving, one of the stages is made specifically for taking the Forester out on the trails.

A Gorgeous Interior

Step inside the Subaru Forester and fee the smooth brown, buttery leather, shiny materials, an impressive infotainment system to give you the comfort and quality you want in the cabin. The infotainment system of the Forester has both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, which is better than you’ll find from Toyota for the connection you want during your drive. You’ll see a lot of room behind the rear seats to give you the cargo area you’re looking for when you take this SUV out for a drive. The Forester has the cabin you want that can be right for you on and off the roads to give you a great place to ride everywhere you go.

A Smooth Powertrain

Take the Subaru Forester on the roads and you’ll have what you’re looking for in a vehicle that you drive every day. This is an SUV that’s comfortable in every setting, making it the crossover that can truly cross over from one terrain to another.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both the Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Forester are capable on and off the road. The choice for you is whether you want to have a vehicle that’s obviously more rugged and rough in the RAV4 or you want a smooth and comfortable SUV that can handle the ride on the trails in the Subaru Forester. Both of these models can give you the fun and active drive you want out on the trails that you choose to enjoy when you’re ready to drive. With these two, you’ll have the competence you need on the road and the active drive that makes sense when you move to the trails.

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