Want an Electric Vehicle? Buy Used!

Want an Electric Vehicle? Buy Used!

Consumers haven’t quite caught on to the idea of buying an electric vehicle just yet, EVs make up less than 2 percent of new car sales.

This lackluster performance can be attributed to a number of factors -people are skeptical of the high price tag and limited driving range. But it’s a different story in the used car market, where it seems electric vehicles are faring much better.

Many affordable Electric Vehicle models on the market

There is plenty of used battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the used car market right now, and it’s a great time to buy. Some of these vehicles, like the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt, have been around for several years, and there are many affordable models available.

Clean Cars

Clean vehicles appeal to those consumers who are concerned about the environment, but who also want to save money on fuel and maintenance. An EV is an especially good choice for those who need a car primarily for commuting or for driving around town. Many used EVs are available for under $10,000and it’s not unusual to find a Nissan LEAF, which started selling in 2010, for around $7,000. Chevrolet Volts can be found for around $12,000. If you want a Tesla you’ll have to fork out a bit more – a used 2012 Tesla Model S for example, could cost you around $40,000.

Why are Electric Vehicle models so affordable?

And why are most used Evsso affordable? Many early users chose to lease rather than buy, and so after the three-year leases ran out, large numbers of lightly used EVs flooded the market.

Do your research

When researching a used EV all the rules for buying pre-owned remain of course, so go through your checklist, such as getting a CARFAX vehicle history report and comparing prices online. But there are a few things that are different when considering purchasing a used electric vehicle. Today’s electric cars can get 150 to 200 miles on a charge, but older models lasted maybe 75, so factor this in when doing your research.

Check the battery!

Many find it easier to shop for a used EV as there are fewer parts to break down. But one important thing to have checked is the battery. Checking to see how much life is left in a battery is imperative, as they can be expensive to replace. It’s very easy to check an EV battery life by using computerized diagnostics. So ask your mechanic or dealership for advice. Certified pre-owned vehicles may even come with an extended factory warranty that covers the battery, and that would be ideal. And make sure to research EV charging infrastructure in your area.

Happy shopping for your used vehicles!

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