Best Off-Road Accessories for the Toyota 4Runner

Best Off-Road Accessories for the Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a favorite of off-road enthusiasts thanks to its rugged build, good ground clearance, and available off-road packages. Current models continue to sell well, and previous generations have a huge following. With such an adventurous reputation, it’s no surprise that the aftermarket is full of great accessories to increase the 4Runner’s off-road ability. Let’s take a look at some of the best off-road upgrades for your Toyota 4Runner.

Winch Front Bumper Accessories

If you want to add a winch to your newer Toyota 4Runner model, a front bumper by Body Armor with a winch setup is just the ticket. This bumper fits new models and is compatible with the Toyota Safety Sense technology. With a high clearance that ensures a good fit, this bumper also easily installs around the factory TRD skid plate.

Cat-Back Performance Exhaust

This is a popular mod for trucks and SUVs among the off-road set. There are many different manufacturers that make this system, but MagnaFlow is one of the more popular ones. Once again, high clearance makes this a great choice to install on a 4Runner that spends a lot of time off-road. The MagnaFlow system is properly designed for traveling off-road, features a mellow sound, and has a high clearance exit.

4Runner Raptor Light Accessories

Taking its name from another popular off-road rig, the Raptor lights are a fun and functional mod for an off-road 4Runner. These LED lamps come in sets of four in either amber or white light and are easily installed right into the grille openings or onto the grille with an included backplate. These fit most 4Runners made from 2014 and on, but they will only fit the TRD Pro trim on the 2020 4Runner.

Snorkel System

Adding a snorkel to your Toyota 4Runner definitely shows that you’re serious about going on some off-road adventures. A snorkel system is the only true cold air intake since it’s entirely outside of your engine and high up on the vehicle. If you expect to cross deeper water than you can with your stock airbox, the snorkel system is a must. The snorkel tube runs out from the engine compartment and rests near the top of your truck. This allows it to “breathe” fresh air and not suck up water into the engine. Snorkel systems can also improve fuel efficiency.

Lift Kit

Even though the Toyota 4Runner has some of the best ground clearance in its class, a lift kit for an off-road vehicle is almost never a bad idea. You get up to three additional inches with the Old Man Emu kit, which means you can add larger tires and wheels and have plenty of clearance. This particular lift kit is super solid with aircraft-grade aluminum and a specialized design to dissipate heat.
The Toyota 4Runner is a great off-road SUV, but like all off-road vehicles, it can always be made better with the addition of a few upgrades and accessories like the ones on this list.


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