Should Your Next Car Be the Aston Martin DBX707?

Should Your Next Car Be the Aston Martin DBX707?

Nearly every car brand now has at least one SUV in its lineup. This includes the incredibly luxurious Aston Martin DBX707.

Expectations were through the roof for Aston Martin to create an SUV that carries its sports car design language into the SUV world. The DBX delivers an impressive build with an amazing feeling, but it wasn’t quite enough for the brand. Now, we see the new DBX707 as the high-class SUV that James Bond might jump into during a high-speed chase. When it arrived, it became the self-proclaimed “world’s most powerful luxury SUV.”

Here are ten reasons you’ll want to make the DBX707 your next SUV if you can.

The cabin delivers a sports car theme

The new DBX707 is a high-end luxury SUV, but it brings some of the sports car personality we admire to the mix as well. This incredible SUV has a large center touchscreen, but it also features selection switches, including ESP off, to give you the drive modes that make this cabin feel sporty and fun. The seats are styled similarly to some of the Aston Martin sports cars to bring the performance-oriented feeling to life.

Active driving found in this luxury SUV

Although the Aston Martin DBX707 is the high-performance version of the DBX, it’s made for driving on public roads and filled with the safety and driver-assist tech we want in a family-oriented vehicle. This SUV brings a full suite to the mix with the benefits of adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, lane change warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, door exit warning, lane keep assist, rear cross-traffic alerts, traffic sign recognition, auto park assist, auto vehicle hold, and auto emergency braking. Additionally, the DBX707 also features several safety features to ensure passengers are secure inside this impressive SUV.

Top-level performance from the Aston Martin V8 engine

The DBX707 is the most powerful engine of any production luxury SUV. This statement, made by Aston Martin, brings incredible acceleration and speed to the high-end luxury SUV segment. The engine is an improved version of the 4.0-liter Mercedes-AMG twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which returns 697 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. This engine allows the SUV to hit 60 mph in only 3.3 seconds and reach 100 mph in 7.9 seconds. These lightning-quick times lead to a quarter-mile sprint time of 11.5 seconds at 119 mph and a top speed of 193 mph.

This SUV has an amazing launch control system

The new Aston Martin DBX707 includes a fully integrated autonomous launch control system. This is the first time a DBX has included such a feature. The Sports+ setting brings maximum traction, torque, and drivability to the mix during the launch of this impressive luxury SUV. You’ll have more than just neck-snapping acceleration from the start; this system also allows the DBX707 to accelerate with more control, putting you ahead of the competition.

The driving dynamics handle the impressive power

This new high-class SUV has a lot of aggression to get out when it’s on the road. Thankfully, the electronic limited-slip rear differential helps to harness the torque and control the power. The suspension is recalibrated to be sportier than the standard DBX, offering an impressive level of steering response and body control. The Aston Martin team also improved the Electronic Active Roll Control system to provide a more dynamic balance and sense of agility while cornering. This translates to more confidence for you when tearing up a canyon run in this luxury SUV.

The DBX707 has an amazing set of brakes

The braking system found in this impressive SUV is strong enough to handle the amazing power of the engine. The Aston Martin DBX707 brings a set of standard carbon ceramic brakes with 420mm front brakes which are the largest of any kind on a production Aston Martin vehicle. These brakes translate to incredible stopping power, shorter stopping distances, improved pedal feel, enhanced durability, and greater sustained brake capability.

The transmission is perfect for this amazing SUV

If you’re willing to use an AMG-sourced engine, the transmission should come from the same team. That’s what Aston Martin has done with this amazing new SUV. The DBX707 features an incredible 9-speed automatic transmission that brings performance by offering 30% faster shifts through the range. This amazing system translates to faster speeds, smoother shifting, and an aggressive bias toward RWD in the AWD system, which ensures better cornering.

Five great drive modes for the desired control

The Aston Martin DBX707 is an SUV. This team didn’t go the Ferrari route and forgo the off-road nature of SUVs. Instead, there are five drive modes included, four for on-road driving and one for when you venture out onto the trails. These modes are accessed by a rotary dial to offer the optimal driving setting for fun and comfort. The Terrain mode is the setting for your off-road adventures, and the Sport+ mode is exclusive to the DBX707 to deliver an intense driving experience.

Performance meets luxury in the cabin

The DBX707 works great as a family hauler and a mean machine. The sporty performance and aggressive nature of this SUV are translated in the cabin, where you’ll find some heavily bolstered seats that offer the support and style desired. There’s also elegant Piano Black veneer to provide the luxury elements of driving that you want to experience when you’re on the road. Let everyone experience the semi-aniline leather upholstery, perforated seats, sport quilting, and extra thick carpets, which make this SUV look amazing.

The Aston Martin DBX707 is unmistakably muscular

Admire the upscale design and muscular physique offered in this Aston Martin SUV. The front end has a large double-vane grille, improved air intakes, and brake cooling ducts to start things off. The finishing touches come out in the dramatic rear end of this SUV which features a new lip spoiler on the roof wing, a new rear bumper, and an enlarged twin rear diffuser. This aggressive SUV means business.

When you want pure aggression but need a family-friendly SUV, the Aston Martin DBX707 delivers the power, performance, comfort, and practicality you’re looking for. Will it be parked in your driveway?

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