Military Officers Love the Toyota 4Runner

Military Officers Love the Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner has been a favorite among company-grade officers for many years. Despite the stereotype, this rugged SUV is not just for lieutenants.

What Makes It a Top Choice Across Military Ranks

There’s an enduring stereotype among the enlisted. Many joke that the first thing a newly commissioned officer does after taking the oath is buy a new Toyota 4Runner. Why do the future leaders of America’s military love this 4×4 SUV so much? Let’s find out.

Rugged and Respected

The Toyota 4Runner isn’t just any SUV. The popular 4×4 is known as an off-road adventure machine. It’s rugged, well-respected, and features a tactical style. In other words, it’s what every young officer strives to be.

These days, most SUVs are much more capable on pavement than on dirt roads and trails. They take stylistic cues from their off-roading predecessors, but most will take drivers no further off the beaten path than to the Officers’ Club and back.

The Toyota 4Runner is a different beast altogether. It doesn’t just have an adventurous vibe and associated ad campaigns. This off-road SUV is truly off-road ready.

Every Day Is a New Adventure

The promise of constant adventure draws in many recruits. Few of the newly enlisted wind up spending as much time as they expect jumping out of helicopters. Instead, they have to find ways to satisfy the desire for excitement during their time off.

Every change of station provides new opportunities. There are parks, wilderness areas, and rural roads to explore. Many secluded spots can only be reached by trail. The Toyota 4Runner is the perfect rig to satisfy the penchant for adventure.

Young officers, recent recruits, and seasoned military veterans alike appreciate having an SUV that will take them anywhere. Even if it can look out of place in parking lots, the 4Runner is that vehicle.

The Toyota 4Runner Fits Military Life Like a Glove

While the most recent iterations of the 4Runner TRD Pro no longer come in Quicksand, this capable SUV still fits in perfectly with the military lifestyle. Whether or not buyers have gold bars on their collars, they’ll get plenty of use out of any 4Runner model.

Those not in the know sometimes poke fun at the Toyota 4Runner for its lack of significant updates in recent years. More experienced drivers know that the fifth-generation 4Runner has had plenty of time to prove its worth.

The engines, drivetrains, and electrical systems in early fifth-gen 4Runners have logged hundreds of thousands of miles, and they’re still running strong.

The Toyota 4Runner isn’t just a fantastic weekend adventure vehicle, either. With 89 cu ft of cargo space and a max towing capacity of 5,000 lbs, the large-and-in-charge SUV can handle almost anything.

With seven trim levels to choose from, the modern 4Runner offers plenty of opportunities for personalization and upgrades. The line-topping TRD Limited offers more than a touch of luxury without sacrificing capability, but even the entry-level SR5 can be outfitted with 4WD, skid plates, and more.

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