2018 Dodge Challenger The Only Muscle Car for You

2018 Dodge Challenger: The Only Muscle Car for You

If you thought the Dodge Challenger was amazing in previous years, the newest model for the 2018 model year will absolutely blow you away. This incredible car is one that has been updated to add the new SRT Demon model that can offer you the most power ever found in a car that many of… Read more »

A Core that Shows the History of a Track

A Core that Shows the History of a Track

The most historic track in the world is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and this track is where we see several races held each year. Between Formula One racing and NASCAR races that are held at this speedway, it’s amazing to think about what this amazing racetrack has been over the years and the number of… Read more »

Building a Luxury Sub-Brand

Building a Luxury Sub-Brand

Many different automakers are working to create their own sub-brand for a variety of reasons. Most of what we’ve seen so far is brand that want to create a performance arm that can be the right choice for those who want more power and active driving on the roads and tracks. Buick has taken a… Read more »

Admire the Creativity

Admire the Creativity

We can all admire those of us that are able to have the creativity to build a vehicle that can be driven from a box of parts and items that we have to craft ourselves. While it’s a lot of fun to buy a sports car and take it out for the drive that can… Read more »

2018 Audi A8 Its Glorious at the Top

2018 Audi A8: It’s Glorious at the Top

The ability to pay for and drive a car that’s as beautiful, luxurious, and elegant as the Audi A8 is a special feeling. Fitting in with some of the top level executive sedans on the market, the Audi A8 is the model that offers you an award-winning interior and the qualities you want for the… Read more »

Mid-Size Pickups Need Safety Improvements

Mid-Size Pickups Need Safety Improvements

Recently the testing regulations and grading systems used for determining how safe a vehicle is on the road have become more difficult and stringent. Automakers that have embraced the inclusion of advanced safety technology on the road have been recognized and given higher grades, especially when automatic emergency braking has been installed and is an… Read more »

Taking on the Only Real Competition

Taking on the Only Real Competition

It might not seem like it’s a fair comparison at all, but the only true competitor for the Jeep Wrangler when you’re considering the off-road prowess and performance is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. This is as close as the luxury brand comes to being brought to the Wrangler level, which is still much… Read more »

Protecting a Classic Investment

Protecting a Classic Investment

When you own a classic car that has a lot of value, either financially or personally, you want to make sure you can have this vehicle protected from a potential thief when you park it or when you leave it for any period of time. If you know you’re driving a car that others will… Read more »

2018 Lexus ES

2018 Lexus ES: Smooth Midsize Luxury

When you choose to drive a luxury sedan you need to take into account what may happen when you’re ready to trade it in for another model. It’s a safe bet you’re likely to only drive your luxury model for three to four years, which makes the Lexus ES an excellent choice for the drive…. Read more »

Learning new technology in a comfortable environment with Ford

Learning New Technology in a Comfortable Environment with Ford

The price of new vehicles has gone up several thousand dollars over the years and while inflation is part of the reason for this, the new technology included in a vehicle has much more to do with it. The problem is, we have this new technology offered in our vehicles, but many of us might… Read more »

  • 04.07.17 - Land Rover Range Rover Velar

    Add another One to the Mix

    Has the automotive market gone mad? It sure seems like it; mad for SUVs. Everywhere you look on the market today there’s an SUV that fits every need. In fact, there are now so many SUVs on the road that this segment as a whole outsold the sedan segment in the US last year. I… Read more »

  • 04.03.17 - Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

    A Concept of Sex Appeal

    One of the most impressive brands in the world is that of Mercedes-Benz. This brand has been the one that we’ve admired for many years to give us some of the most alluring and elegant cars to drive. Once you get past the looks the appeal of these cars don’t end as the power under… Read more »

  • 03.29.17 - Honda Civic Type R

    Finally, the Compact Sports Car We’ve Been Waiting For

    Over the years there have been some performance vehicles that have been developed for us to enjoy but some haven’t been able to be sold in the US. Thankfully, the new Honda Civic Type R which will be part of the 2018 model year will actually be sold in North America. This car has finally… Read more »

  • 03.24.17 - Chevrolet Express

    2017 Chevrolet Express: The Workhorse You Need

    If you need a great work van for your business and want one that’s been a tried and true performer for many years, you want the Chevrolet Express. This big van is still one of the best ways you can load up everything you need for your workday and get things done. This van makes… Read more »

  • 03.21.17 - Cadillac ELR

    Cars that Didn’t Perform in 2016

    The automotive world has experienced record sales two years in a row with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With that in mind it’s hard to believe any part of this market would have trouble with sales. Unfortunately there are some models that just didn’t sell as well this past year as most of… Read more »

  • 03.17.17 - Maven

    Longer Rental Times for Maven

    The world and the mobility we enjoy has changed over time. We now live in a world where not everyone needs to have a car all the time but can use one for specific times that are necessary. Over the years there have been many in our population that have spent their lives living in… Read more »

  • 03.13.17 - John Deere Tractor

    A Partnership You Might not be Aware of

    There have been collaborative efforts in the automotive industry for many years, some of which we know about and others seem to be a bit of a mystery. The Ford and GM collaboration to build a new transmission is certainly a recent venture as is the partnership of Toyota and BMW to create the Supra… Read more »

  • 03.11.17 - Kia Optima

    2017 Kia Optima: Closer to Midsized Perfection than Ever Before

    Pay close attention to the automotive market and the favorite cars to drive. For years there has been one model that has led the way with impressive sales and a performance that fits into most of our lifestyles, but the Kia Optima has been closing that gap for the past few years. At the rate… Read more »

  • 03.09.17 - Volkswagen Atlas

    The SUV You Can’t Wait to Drive

    Volkswagen has prepared a new large SUV for the 2018 model year to be the newest model to come in and show us what this brand is capable of offering us on the large SUV market. This new vehicle is the Volkswagen Atlas and it’s being built on the modular MQB platform that’s actually part… Read more »

  • 03.06.17 - Super Bowl LI

    Genesis is in the Right Place

    The newest brand on the market is Genesis. This is a small brand that has only two models in its lineup currently, the G80 and G90 which are both impressive luxury cars that you can drive and enjoy on the road. These two cars and this brand are looking for great ways to find and… Read more »