2016 Ford F-150 Hybrid

The same company that has brought us the best-selling truck for many years running, and introduced a new all-aluminum body structure has announced it expects to show off a new Hybrid version of the Ford F-150 as early as 2016. Having a hybrid full-size truck to choose will allow truck lovers to now have a model that gives them better fuel efficiency than ever before along with the capacity to continue to haul heavy loads. This truck will help to lower emissions and offer a green option for those who have been turned off by the fuel consumption and emissions associated with pickup trucks.

To add an even greater challenge to this particular race, Ford is also working on a Hybrid Diesel F-150 to offer some awesome torque power to a hybrid setup that will certainly gain even greater fuel mileage from this style of engine. When they are successful in developing either version of this truck (and you know they will be) the F-150 will offer something for just about everyone who wants or needs a truck to help them either get their job done or get some great hauling capability for their recreational activities.

Ford has mentioned the development and release of such a truck has so far created a great deal of difficulty, beyond what was expected. The F-150 Hybrid should show up with compelling and instantaneous torque and a meter to monitor fuel efficiency. Once successful Ford will have a truck that offers all of us the ability to enjoy some great fuel savings and offer a greener presence while still enjoying the power and performance that has been synonymous with the F-150 for so many years.

Pricing is not expected to be announced until all the kinks are worked out and the new Hybrid F-150 will be able to be offered with confidence on the market. So far expectations show that this truck should be able to reach 26 mpg on the highway and continue to be a durable workhorse for those who choose this option. Because the truck is still in the development process, the specs that will actually equip this already awesome truck are not yet known. When Ford does release the F-150 Hybrid, you can be sure the power and performance will be right in line with what we have come to love from this great truck.

Just the thought of a hybrid version of the F-150 gives me chills and offers something more to look forward to as we move through the 2015 model year which will be gone all too soon, making was for the 2016. I am extremely hopeful Ford is able to perfect both versions of the hybrid model of the F-150 and am even more hopeful the pricing is not so out of reach that this truck cannot be driven by the masses which includes the hard workers who live their current F-150s and might be looking for a new upgraded model very soon.

Written by Blaine Traber

I enjoy Design and Architecture. This includes cars, I have always loved the design of a vehicle and it is what led me to work in the Automotive Industry at Honda. I'm also a freelance automotive journalist.

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