What does Alfa Romeo Have Up its Sleeves?

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

As the premier Italian Automaker that showed up so frequently in James Bond and other spy movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s Alfa Romeo has been an automaker that has offered vehicles many have dreamed of for years. By offering high-end sports cars that make hearts skip a beat and keep time with the engine under the hood, Alfa Romeo has showcased and competed highly in the European marketplace before heading across the pond to sell cars in the U.S.

For the New Year, with the 105th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, the automaker promises to unveil a brand new offering on the anniversary date of June 24th in Italy. The only real look into what this awesome and historic event offers is the suggestions the new Alfa will be a sedan and just might have a historic nameplate attached to it. This historic nameplate just might be the Giulia, which will resurrect the namesake that made a huge statement for many years.

With none of the executives confirming what the new Alfa will actually be named for sure, the only thing that was confirmed to be a sedan as the automaker is going for record sales. The goal is to increase sales to the 400,000 volume by the time the fully redesigned lineup is revealed in 2018. Having a sedan unveiled for 2016 can only lead the public to wonder what else might come down the pipeline.

Thinking of what this lineup just might offer, especially if Alfa wants to see its sales increased from 3,000 to 400,000 the possibilities are endless. We already know there will the sedan that is offered on June 24th, but what else might there be? Will Alfa offer a series of crossover SUVs for the growing marketplace, or maybe they will come in with a few large luxury sedans that are filled with plenty of awesome features for any owner to take full advantage of?

Regardless of what this new lineup contains you can be sure the world will be watching with bated breath to see what this amazing and highly thought of automaker has done to invest the $6 billion it put toward a complete brand overhaul. Will the final result be a high-end brand of vehicles that only the very wealthy can afford or will Alfa offer its wares to the masses so everyone can experience the feeling of driving an Alfa Romeo?

Regardless of what this Italian automaker has in store for us we already have a sedan to look forward to from an automaker who has specialized in sports cars for so many years. This alone offers the feeling and anticipation that the sedan will be an amazing performer on the road for every driver to fully enjoy the driving experience. Soon, June 24th will be upon us and we will all get to be amazed by the unveiling of the sedan offering from Alfa Romeo that should carry a long ago enjoyed nameplate.


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