A Glimpse From Bose at the Speaker Layout of the CT6

Bose Speakers CT6

With the announcement of a new direction for Cadillac that includes higher end luxury models as well as higher performance models found in the V-Series, it really should come as no surprise Cadillac has over done many of its features at the top of their food chain. The CT6 is being marketed as the top of the Cadillac ladder, giving us everything we could want or expect out of a highly luxurious car that is made to pamper every single passenger that rides along.

One of the key features of this luxurious ride comes from the sound system. The first part of any luxury feeling when it comes to sound is blocking out the exterior noise from the cabin. With a wide range of noise cancelling technologies and a vase amount of insulation, the CT6 has no problem with the noise coming into the cabin of the car, but has more of a challenge with providing the right amount of sound inside the cabin for you to gain a joyous experience from your favorite musical selections as you drive your luxury chariot down the road to your next destination be it a far off vacation spot or simply the nearby grocery store.

At the bottom end of the sound spectrum for the CT6, Bose has created two sound options an eight speaker version and a ten speaker alternative. Both of these sound systems will give you a pleasurable journey and with Bose as the creator you know the sounds coming from these speakers will be crisp, clear and clean, but don’t you think there should be more sound available? Cadillac, Bose, and I all think so too and this is why at the top of the listening spectrum there is the amazing Bose 34-speaker sound system.

This 34-speaker choice is the new Panaray system and is the most advanced car audio system ever invented. These 34 individual speaker have been crammed everywhere in the cabin to give you the most amazing audio experience every. You can completely bath yourself in the sounds you enjoy with not a care in the world except if you are the one driving; eyes on the road please. What Bose has done is to place speaker in the headrests, doors, under the parcel shelf, in the instrument panel, in the dashboard, and even four under each of the front seats.

With all this sound surrounding you in the CT6, as a passenger you can easily allow yourself to float away on a sea of audio amazement, finding joy in the music and allow your mind to release and be free from the worry that clouds it. This sound system should probably come with a warning label as so many who buy the CT6 with this system installed may be prone to prolonged lunches in the car, listening to their music, or just hanging out in the driveway at home, letting the music whisk them away to a happy place. Not since Calgon bath salts has there been another part of our lives that can offer such a serene and relaxing feeling to help us revive and recharge for the next challenge in our lives.

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