Either Awesome and Amazing, or Downright Rude

Volvo Amazon

Volvo Amazon

What happens when car companies collaborate?  Most of the time when this happens there is much more to the vehicle than to the ones offered in their own lineups individually, but the vehicle becomes so rare that the price is ridiculously high.  To go the other way with the price and offers a car that is both a collaboration that offers some outstanding features at a great price several automakers got together to create the Bilcity Superbike Frankencar, or at least several automotive makes have been brought together to make this amazing new vehicle.

The Volvo Amazon was the car of choice which was is a classic car that was built with some of the best safety features of the time and a sporty style in a gorgeous two door coupe.   Those that love the Amazon might cringe at the fact that the only thing that stayed from the Volvo car was the body of the car.

To start the changes, the chassis has been replaced by a custom tube frame in order to give it the strength and sturdiness needed, especially since the challenge was going to be handling all the power and handling that was supposed to be a huge task.  Along with the power the car needs to be stiff in order to respond to the suspension and the steering inputs.

As for the power, the engine installed is a BMW V8 that is expected to be pushing out 750 horsepower.  It’s nearly impossible to imagine a Volvo Amazon with this much power under the hood, but here it is.  To add to this pairing that already took on many of the characteristics of a blended vehicle the drivetrain was replaced by one from an R32 Nissan GT-R to give it AWD.  Not only does it get AWD the perfect 50:50 distribution of power is enjoyed most of the time or a full 100 percent to the rear wheels when it’s better to drive this way.

With this amazing set up in place this conglomeration of parts that resemble the piecing together of a beast much the same as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster the Frankencar becomes a vehicle that you can either marvel at or be completely disgusted by.  This much less expensive version of putting all these different items together will only cost you $41,000, but what will you get for that other than a car that looks like a high school student project on steroids?

What you get is an amazing Volvo Amazon outer shell that allows you to make the run to sixty seconds in only 3.2 seconds.  That is seriously fast and amazing as a performance you want to fully enjoy.  This lightweight racer will want you to take it out to the track in order to have a run against cars that look more modern and more agile.  Little will their drivers know what is in store when you unleash the Frankencar on them and its amazing 750 horsepower engine and GT-R drivetrain.

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