Trouble in Paradise

11.16.16 - Ram 2500

11.16.16 - Ram 2500

Driving the Ram Heavy Duty pickup might not be exactly paradise for some people, but for others this truck represents a powerful ally in the world of trucks that gives them the ability to get the work done they need to do. These trucks can haul, push, carry and do just about anything including heading out on the trails to be a great performer, taking you to and from the area you want to visit. The Ram Heavy Duty lineup is the truck segment that shows up in the size and build you want to enjoy, offering you a wide variety of features that can be added to make them even better.

Many of the Ram Heavy Duty trucks are built to be powerful beasts for the work site where they are relied on to get things done. This is a truck that adds a toolbox to the bed sides and allows you to have the right place for whatever you may need to have on the work site or out on the road with you. With the power of this brute and the way you rely on it to get the job done you might need to make sure you take care of business otherwise there will be trouble in paradise.

What’s the business that needs to be taken care of? On older models of the Ram Heavy Duty pickup recalls are being issued due to the fact that the vehicle is a possible fire risk. Can you imagine hauling around a load of lumber or other flammable materials and the thing that ignites the fire is your truck? That would be absolutely awful and is certainly something you want to avoid when you have work to get done and the Ram Heavy Duty is your truck of choice.

The cause of this issue is the alternator in the models that are affected. These alternators may be subject to premature diode warn which increase the possibility of the engine stalling or the engine catching on fire, both of which you want to avoid. So far this recall has only caused one minor injury, but to avoid further injury or issue FCA is issuing a recall of these RAM Heavy Duty models. The models affected are the Ram 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 from model year 2007 through 2013. This recall also affects the Dodge Charger Pursuit from 2011-2014.

In total, the recall will affect 86,000 models, 74,833 of them are in the US, 10,100 in Canada and 1,100 in Mexico. There are about 100 models that are outside the North American area. This issue can be resolved by bringing the truck to a dealership to have the faulty alternator replaced with a new one that will take care of the issues. This problem was discovered by an FCA investigation of fleet vehicle performance and has not been the cause of any known crashes as of yet. If you own one of these models, have the alternator taken care of right away so you can get back to the paradise of getting work done in a truck that you trust to take care of you and your load.

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