The Detroit Auto Show with a Twist (Part 1)

01.25.17 - Detroit Skyline

01.25.17 - Detroit Skyline

Every January we look to the North and want to have the warm feelings of an exciting show in the city where the American automotive industry has lived for many years. In Detroit new models are shown, surprises come up and we are typically floored by the cars that come to the show. Even though this is the place where we normally see new models, especially from those automakers based in North America, there were several automakers which took a pass at this show, giving us a more concentrated look at the models that did come to the show ready to present their new vehicles. You can check out the second part of this list here.

2018 Ford F-150Even though we’ve only recently been graced with the aluminum body structure, Ford had taken this popular truck and added a new look to it with a new grill, headlight cluster and bumper that have all been borrowed from the larger Super Duty models. Under the hood the powertrains have been upgraded and given the feel was want them to have with more power.

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport – Smaller seems to be better in the SUV market of today and the Rogue Sport is a smaller and more agile translation of the already small and active Rogue. This little SUV will give you the benefit of a vehicle that feels like a coupe on the road but puts you at a higher drive height and position to enjoy the ride.

2018 Toyota Camry – In order to keep the most popular sedan relevant in the market Toyota has revamped this car and given it a look that feels much better than before. As the second vehicle to be built on the new TNGA platform, the new Camry will be more exciting to look at while it continues to offer us the practicality we need for our daily commute.

2018 Honda OdysseyEven though many love their SUVs, minivans still have a place in the market and Honda redid the Odyssey to help make sure it could continue to compete in the market. This minivan makes it easy for a family to own with a vacuum cleaner in the vehicle and 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity for all the devices that may ride along to the vacation destination.

2018 Lexus LS 500The LS is the longest running car from Lexus and with the new LS 500 it enters its fifth generation of the model that began it all. You can expect this car to continue to deliver the smooth ride and exceptional look and feel that you’ve become used to from a car that’s perfect for the ride. With plenty of power and a long list of equipment, this is a car you want to watch.

Audi Q8 Concept – The concept shown in Detroit is ready for production, at least that’s what it looks like. There may be a few changes, but for the most part the Q8 Concept gives us a glimpse into the new styling cues of Audi while also making it easy for us to understand that Audi will make an SUV that will sit above the Q7 and be a great choice when shopping for an active SUV.

2018 Kia StingerKia is tired of being known just for their commuter vehicles that come at a great price. Really they aren’t, but the new Stinger is so much a change from the norm that you’ll be shocked to know it has a Kia badge on it. This is a car which is aggressive, exciting and built to be sporty and enjoyable on the road or at the track.

2018 GMC Terrain – The Terrain enters the second generation in a way that will give us the ride we want and have the look we’ve been hoping for. With more style than ever before and a new lineup of turbocharged engines this SUV continues to be one that will sit up as a powerful but luxury laden vehicle for those of us who want the best of both worlds.

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